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There is no silver bullet for perfect immunity. There are, however, time-tested herbal remedies we’ve learned to rely on when our energy is dwindling or to pull us back from the verge of a cold or flu.

In this immunity-focused season, we’re partnering with a family-owned brand we trust implicitly for the kinds of herbal remedies and supplements that have served us well over the decades. Flora has become one of the most recognizable wellness brands on health food store shelves over the years, we’ve relied on their legacy of world-class iron supplements, probiotics and immunity teas for ages and many of the natural health pros we speak with refer us to their products frequently. We’re really happy to partner with brands like Flora on stories like this one, knowing we can trust their products to support our community at a time when few of us have time or cash to spare on products that don’t work.

With immunity in mind, we’ve crafted a daily routine at home full of practical habits that are easy to pick up and maintain…

A Daily Routine For Stronger Immunity

Drink “Flor-essence” on an empty stomach | We’ve substituted our daily lemon water with a warm tea made with Flor-Essence, a rich blend of potent herbs that provides a deep detox that’s still gentle enough for everyday*. The elixir can be diluted and sipped on in liquid form or brewed as a big batch of tea. We add a bit of the 8-herb formula, including red clover, kelp, burdock root and rhubarb, to our water three times a day. Always take Flor-Essence on an empty stomach.

Enjoy a 1o minute meditation | Stress can wear on our immune systems like nobody’s business. Give yourself ten minutes of quiet time, take slow deep even breaths and allow your heart to lighten up before diving in to the minutia of the day. If you’re not sure what to do with your ten minutes, simply call to mind a list of ten things you’re grateful for today. Notice your energy shift.

an immunity smoothie | Boost your breakfast with powerful, immune-boosting ingredients. Both smoothies and warm teas with superfood ingredients are easy to digest and perfect vehicles for ingredients like Flora’s elderberry crystals. According to studies, elderberry has been shown to have inhibitory effects on the flu virus and it’s antiviral activity is strongest when used before, during and after infection.1

Add a generous teaspoon of elderberry crystals to give smoothies a tangy flavor that also helps maintain a healthy immune system*. You can also take at the first sign of seasonal symptoms.

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extra support for your lungs | In the event of any respiratory challenges like allergies or respiratory illness, Respir-Essence can be used to help. Add the tea-like formula to hot water and breathe in the aroma, letting the volatile herb oils into the lungs through the steam. Respir-Essence contains herbs like thyme, licorice and nettle that can help relax spasms and soothe a dry cough and generally relax and open up the airways for easier breathing*. If you have stubborn phlegm that is not coming out on its own, it encourages a productive cough to remove it*.

Eat a warm lunch: Warm liquids generally help to support respiratory health. Try making soup at home to enjoy for a lunch or two this week. Pick a broth-based recipe filled with onions, ginger, lemongrass, spices or other immune-boosting foods and herbs. If a warm lunch isn’t easy to pull off, simply follow lunch with a warm, calming cup of digestive tea and take a good probiotic. Immunity begins in the gut, so taking care of digestion now is key.

take a break | It’s easy for the day to start running us if we don’t make some efforts to stay calm and self-aware. Take a break from the drama and busyness of the day to replenish yourself with a short nap or a refreshing walk.

afternoon tonic| Did you know that vitamin C only lasts in the body for 2-3 hours? It’s important to supplement your immunity throughout the day, not just in the morning or the evening when you take your regular supplements. One easy way to infuse immune support into your afternoon is with a simple tonic. We love Flora’s Elderberry+ tonic with echinacea, licorice and no added sugar, unlike some syrups. Diluted into a little sparkling mineral water, Elderberry+ makes for the perfect mocktail with all the benefits of elderberry.

evening tea | Creating a wind down routine to protect your sleep is crucial to immune health and stress levels now. Prepare a warming tea about an hour before beed. We like to sip the herbal formulas, Flor-Essence or Respir-Essence, at night in hot water. If you can get every one under your roof sipping a cup at the end of the night, it can make a very comforting, grounding ritual.

  1. Torabian G, Valtchev P, Adil Q, Dehghani F. Anti-influenza activity of elderberry (Sambucus nigra). Journal of Functional Foods. 2019;54:353-360. doi:10.1016/j.jff.2019.01.031

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