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Cymbiotika’s Chervin Jafarieh is an impassioned advocate for what you could call ‘total health’. His approach to well-being is all encompassing — from caring for the environment to tending to our internal wellness on every levels. His ethos can be clearly seen in his brand, Cymbiotika, one of the most exciting supplements brands we’ve seen in the last few years.

Chervin’s passionate approach can be felt in this recent interview with the health and wellness leader, where we talk personal discipline, 2023 trends and the mind-body issues at the fore for us all…

chervin, what’s your mindset as you enter 2023? I am getting crystal clear with my main directives for self-growth and empowerment, and I am finding new and creative ways to share that with my family, friends, and the collective. I also have a deep level of gratitude for all the amazing lessons I have learned over the years. All of our our supplements allow me to stay focused on my goals and stay ambitious, but our Shilajit is the most notable. It’s like nothing you’ve ever tried before.shilajit

New routines you’re committing/re-committing to this year: Cold plunge daily, mobility routine and stretching, swimming in the ocean, superior oral care, more time in the mountains, drinking more spring water, better hygiene with blue light from technology, more quiet time.

What lessons did you personally metabolize and let go of in 2022?

On a personal level, I have been metabolizing the reality that my father is no longer here in physical form. I’m coming to a deeper level of acceptance, letting go of guilt around having been unable to save his life.

I’m also refining personal habits. Since we are creatures of comfort, it’s good to review all habits from the previous year. No habit is worth holding onto unless it continues to serve one’s greater vision and goals.

Wellness Leader Chervin Jafarieh

What stood out to you about our community’s mindset in 2022?

It is inspiring to witness so many people from all walks of life jumping on board the health movement, not only because it’s trendy but because they realize it will have a profound effect on their lives. People want to feel better inside and out, and they are jumping into the driver’s seat. It is exciting to know that these collective actions will dramatically evolve future generations.

What are your most important suggestions for optimal Health this year? 

I recommend going back to the basics, learning the principles of health, and identifying small steps that can help you gain momentum. Other ways you can deepen your wellness approach:

+ Practicing discernment for the foods that you are eating.
+ Drinking clean spring water. I add Cymbiotika’s Molecular Hydrogen in your morning water to reduce free radicals and reduce oxidative stress.
+ Receiving optimal sunlight on your body. For those who live in the northern hemisphere and are not able to get enough sunlight, try Cymbiotika’s Vitamin D3 + K2 + CoQ10. The combination of this formula allows for more optimal immune function, supports strong bones, and reduces arterial plaque.
+ Physically connecting to the earth. Get outside!
+ Understanding your supplement needs and why certain supplements are useful. If you aren’t sure where to start or what supplements you need, take Cymbiotika’s quiz to get started.
+ Adding more movement into your daily routine, like lifting weights, working on flexibility, and doing breathwork. To reach peak athletic performance, try Cymbiotika’s Longevity Mushrooms.cymbiotika lipsomal supplements

What do you suggest for optimal Mental And Emotional Health as well? 

My top recommended resources for those who want to strengthen their mental and emotional health include:

+ Taking a non-violent communication course or reading a book to improve relationships and communication.
+ Scheduling personal quiet time daily.
+ Reducing screen time and using an app to reduce blue light exposure on devices.
+ Taking meditation workshops.
+ Staying clear of stressful environments and sometimes stressful people. These days, staying stress free can be hard with so many distractions and environmental factors surrounding us. Cymbiotika created a stress bundle to tackle stress at all angles.
+ Getting involved with a community of like-minded people.
+ Allowing fresh air in the home and keeping the body moving when the sun is up.

what are the Key Wellness Trends you’re Watching In 2023?

+ Beauty from within.
+ Women’s wellness and supporting all stages of the life cycle.
+ Perfecting sleep and maximizing efficiency. For better and deeper sleep, try Cymbiotika’s Sleep.
+ Non-alcoholic alternatives for relieving stress and setting the mood. Our Adrenal Super Tonic acts as a great mocktail that balances the mood and relieves stress.
+ Microbiome balance: awareness around how parasites, bacteria, mold, and candida affect physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
+ Regulating the nervous system through meditation and time in nature.

What’s at the forefront of your focus this year? The forefront of my focus is on the things that matter most, like family and building solid relationships with my inner circle of friends. It’s easy to get caught up in life’s to-do’s, so I am prioritizing more time to unplug and be present with those I love.

We are also having a huge 2023 here at Cymbiotika. We will be launching very intentional products. We just launched our newest formula, Metabolic Health that my team and I have been working on for years. This product is the perfect supplement to introduce around the new years to help you keep up with your resolutions. Metabolic Health is designed to regulate appetite, enhance satiety and optimize fat modulation.

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