TCM Item Of The Week: This Perfect Leather Travel Cases From Cuyana

Cuyana’s motto of “fewer, better things” are words we live by – on our best days. We fell in love with the female-founded, San Fransisco-based brand a few years back and the fall was effortless; their thoughtfully crafted clothing and leather goods are the perfect blend of elegant, timely and timeless.

In our new TCM Item of the Week feature, we’ll be calling out just one item we’re either literally or figuratively drooling over at the moment.

Our own closets are home to a few Cuyana staples — a few eco-friendly Italian wool crew necks and an alpaca cape because yes — but the one purchase we can’t stop raving about (or buying as gifts for everyone we know) are their leather travel pouches.

What It Is: Cuyana’s Leather Travel Case Set. This pair of Argentine pebbled leather pouches is chic, sturdy and did we mention chic? We love the gold-toned zipper hardware and range of 11 no-fail colors. The pouches come as a set of two and are also monogrammable.

Why We’re Obsessed: We’ve seen some wildly ugly makeup bags in our day. We won’t name names (you know who you are!), but more than a few friends and travel buddies over the years have laid out their well-curated makeup stash in printed or stained bags they wouldn’t dream of carrying to a dinner out. If you’re the kind of girl who couldn’t care less, more power to you – this is a safe space. If the idea of a chic and organized beauty stash sparks joy? These are the cases for you. Nestled side by side, these cases bring so much style to a bathroom or hotel room counter. Think of them as vanity handbags.

What To Do With them: Travel, of course! But we get the most use out of the bags using them in our daily routine at home. The larger bag holds things like an eyelash curler, lip scrub and that lip color we only occasionally wear, while the smaller holds what we’ll eventually throw right into our day bags and leave the house with! The case set also makes the perfect gift monogrammed for your favorite beauty hoarder or travel lover.

Get the Cuyana Leather Travel Case Set here. 

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