mini avocado

Sure, munching on mini fruits and veggies probably isn’t the most efficient way to load up on nutrients, but honestly, does that even matter? We’re dreaming of bite-sized brassicas roasted to perfection, watermelon wannabes we could literally take everywhere, and egg-sized avocado nuggets we simply need. on. every. plate.

Take a deep breath, peek through, calm down again and then tell us which mini fruits and veggies are your fave (and how you’d use them) in the comments!

Kalettes | These adorable little kale plants are almost like Brussels sprouts but better. Why? Just take a look!

Cucamelon/Mouse Melon | These crazy little cucumber-hybrids are striped like a watermelon and the size of a cherry tomato. Pure summer salad obsession.

Kiwi Berries | These miniature versions of our fave tropical fruit are just the accessory every summer smoothie bowl needs.

mini avocado

Mini Avocados | Brain exploding. How are these tiny egg-sized avocados not already in our kitchen??

Mini Bananas | The cutest way to add “half a banana” to a smoothie ever.

Mini Strawberries | We’d gladly eat a million of these minis whether they’re on nice cream, overnight oats or by the spoon full.

Mini Pineapple | This tiny fruit is just too precious, and perfect in a fruit salad… for one.

Mini Romanesco | What is happening here? We’re not sure. But we’re still fawning over these tiny veggies.

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