Apophyllite crystal

When we’re starting to feel emotionally overwhelmed, the best thing we can do for ourselves is just take a beat and breathe. But when we’re already leagues deep into our spiral and are struggling to get back to the surface, a physical reminder that everything is going to be fine can be more powerful than you realize. We love crystals for this reason, and we’re on a mission to find the best ones for our needs.

The deeply soothing energy of apophyllite makes it a pro fave for calming a chaotic mental state — and we were instantly drawn to the gorgeous piece pictured above when we spent a day in Energy Muse’s HQ. As part of a new series on the site, Crystal of the Month, professional crystal healer and founder of Energy Muse, Healther Askinose, is decoding the energetic properties of some pretty — and pretty powerful — healing crystals, like this tranquil and grounding apophyllite cluster…

What You Should Know: I call this stone the spiritual advisor. Apophyllite is a high vibrational stone that’s often used in reiki healing because of its deeply soothing energy.

How It Heals: This is one of the best crystals to use when you’re slammed with a wave of anxiety. Whether it’s the hectic nature of the holidays or life has been dishing out more problems than you’d prefer to handle, you can settle the effects of worry and stress with the calming essence of apophyllite. There’s no better stone to put the mind at ease.

Apophyllite is a powerhouse crystal because it links with the heart, crown, third eye and soma chakras to infuse healing in places you didn’t even know needed to be healed. Sitting with this crystal’s energy is beneficial even when you’re not having a panic attack. You may just need a dose of tranquil reassurance that you’re doing okay. And this spiritual nourishment can do wonders for the soul.

woman hand holding Apophyllite cluster Where to Keep It: Stressful thoughts keep me from going to sleep when I’m feeling overwhelmed. If you’re the same, try an apophyllite stone on your nightstand. In combination with a lavender and amethyst eye pillow, you’ll soon feel the apophyllite energy take over. It encourages focus to shift back into your body for the rest and rejuvenation it needs. Even if you’re not having problems sleeping, keeping apophyllite in the bedroom (or whatever room you spend the most time in) can be a healing transformation. It will elevate your mood and ability to deal with difficulties.

How to Use It: The best way to heal the mind and body with apophyllite is to get in touch with it. I’ve found that when I’m stressed, an apophyllite cluster works best to stimulate the transition back into a peaceful state. But if you don’t have a cluster, whatever form of apophyllite you have will do.

Take the apophyllite stone in your hands and move to a quiet place in your home. Sit down in a comfortable position with the apophyllite resting in the palms of your hands. Close your eyes. Try to pinpoint the source of anxiety within your body. Often stress will manifest as a sort of pang in the stomach, chest or head. Once you’ve found this spot, visualize the cleansing apophyllite energy sinking into your hands and spreading throughout your body until it reaches the place where the negativity has settled. Next, imagine the apophyllite energy sweeping that source of stress out of the body and carrying it back into the stone.

Now, see yourself as purified and cleansed. Take as long as you need to complete the process. When you emerge from your meditation with apophyllite, you should feel a sense of release and relief. It brings you to a higher state of being — one where you can better deal with difficult situations, all with a calm and centered perspective.

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