Five pieces of fluorite crystal stacked next to each other on a marble surface

They say rainbow FLUORITE can stop an emotional spiral in its tracks — we say ‘sign us up’.

We’re diving into the deepest of deep vibes with our series from crystal healer, Heather Askinosie of Energy Muse, learning all about how to actually use our growing crystal collection. Read up on heavenly celestite here and then learn all about this gorgeous gem…

What You Should KnowAbout
Rainbow Fluorite

the basics: Fluorite comes in a wide range of colors, from purple to yellow and even rainbow! Not to be confused with fluoride, which is used to keep your teeth clean, fluorite is a mineral which we prefer to use for cleansing our chakras.

Five pieces of rainbow fluorite crystal with shades of green and purple placed at different angles on a marble surfaceHow it heals: Fluorite is the great emotional equalizer. When your life is off kilter, with much of your energy going toward fixing problems and none of it going into self-care or fulfillment, the impending spin out seems almost inevitable.

To bring yourself back into balance and avoid a breakdown, connect with the re-centering energy of rainbow fluorite.

Fluorite helps to calm the mind, so that instead of trying to address a thousand thoughts at once, you can take things one step at a time. The energy of fluorite gently guides you to sort through your mental clutter. By cleansing away unfounded worries, fluorite makes space for positivity to flow in.

As you sit with fluorite energy, let the powerful energy cleanse your spirit. This stone is known to cleanse all the chakras, before connecting with the heart chakra for an infusion of confidence, relaxation, and compassion.

When the calming stability of fluorite takes over, it helps you to see situations from a state of deeper understanding. Rather than viewing your life through the lens of chaos, you can assess situations with clarity.

This internal structure and support that fluorite helps to construct translates outward into other areas of your life. Because once you have a solid foundation of peace, focus, and balance, stressful situations can’t topple your sanity. This makes fluorite energy one of the best stones to have around in case of emotional emergencies. When things get tense or cluttered, sort out your spirit with the soothing energy of fluorite.

Three pieces of fluorite crystal in shades of green on a marble style backgroundWhere to keep it: By the bed, in the living room, or whatever you need soothing, recentering vibes to flood your space.

How to use it: This is the perfect stone to use in meditation. It will help you transition from a frantic or worried mind, into a tranquil and centered spirit. To use fluorite in meditation, find a peaceful area of your home, and either sit down or lay flat on the ground. Then hold a piece of fluorite in each hand. Visualize the gentle fluorite energy moving throughout your body, cleansing your chakras, and filling you with calming vibrations. Stay in meditation with the energy of fluorite for 11 minutes, or more if you need it.

You may also choose to use rainbow fluorite at work if often find yourself getting overwhelmed or stressed out by your workload. The energy of fluorite offers a quick reset for you to step out of your anxious mind, and get back in tune with stable energy of your body. Even a brief moment spent holding a fluorite stone in rejuvenating breathwork can dramatically improve your focus and attitude when you return to work. Find a calm area of your work, hold your fluorite, and take 10 deep breaths. If you feel comfortable, you can add a mantra to this practice. Choose whatever mantra suits you, but one I’d recommend for fluorite is: I am peace. I am balanced. I am realigned in my center.

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