Your crystal collection is growing larger with each passing month, but you would give up smoothies before you’d display a single one in public. You’re pretty sure your essential oil collection now outweighs your makeup stash, but aren’t sure you want to be “that girl.” It might be time to come clean and stop hiding your weird holistic habits…

We love this hilarious advice from Heather Askinosie of Energy Muse. In 2000, Heather and her BFF, Timmi Jandro, co-founded Energy Muse, a conscious lifestyle brand that marries crystal healing and gorgeous jewelry to help create balance in everyday life. For more than two and a half decades she’s been studying energy and healing, so she knows a thing or two about owning one’s unconventional wellness habits.

Here’s Heather on how she came out of the crystal closet, plus eight steps she suggests to help yourself make peace with your own sage-burnin’, crystal hoarding ways! Tag a friend who must read.

It all started out like any other morning: I woke up, lit a sage stick and smudged the house. However, on this particular morning I used a pottery container and filled it with loose sage. Normally, when I fanned my hawk feathers over the crackling sage and walked around the house, the smoke would eventually burn out. That morning, the loose sage went ablaze and white smoke filled every crevice of empty space in each and every room. I ran through the house opening doors and windows as the fire alarms went off in unison.

My neighbor saw smoke coming from the house and called the fire department. As the firefighters entered the house asking what the smell was, I kept saying, “It’s a false alarm. I was just sageing the house.”

Of course, that lead to one fireman ask, “Why are you doing that?

I had to own it. “To purify and cleanse negative energy.

As the firefighters drove away, I explained what happened to the neighbors who were gathered in front of my house.

That’s when I finally came out of the crystal closet and decided to embrace the real spiritual, mystical, truth seeker in me.

8 Steps to Owning Your Weird Holistic Habits

Accept & Admit

The first thing to do is openly admit you have a healing crystal collection, and not just because they are beautiful decorations. Take ownership that all the crystals sitting on your desk, on every shelf you have, and even the ones stuffed into your bra, are there to bring healing energy into your space.

Set up an Altar

Life is sacred so why not bring it your home? Create an altar – a table that holds items that are close to your heart and have meaning. You probably have been collecting these types of things since you were a kid. Remember running down the beach and spotting the perfect shell? This is probably when the passion for sacred earth energy began. Don’t be afraid to showcase the Ganeshas, oracle cards and crystal spheres. The main point is that you have one that you see everyday, and it brings a smile to your face.

Sage it Up

Sage your space often (without the fire department showing up). We’ve all seen Shoshana thanking the gods for her fast-growing hair and setting her intentions as she wafted the smoke into the corners of her room on “Girls.” You know how much negative energy effects your day, so cleanse when you feel the negativity rising and don’t hold back from cleansing the common areas just because your roommates might think you’re crazy.

Embrace Your Star Love

Embrace the fact that you know your sun, moon and rising signs. Yes, astrology is fun, cool and interesting. Life is so much easier when you re-think, re-evaluate and re-do, during Mercury retrograde. Wise women connect to the planetary alignment in the sky, knowing that everything in life ebbs and flows.

Get Down with the Moon

You already have an obsession with the moon. Express your love for it by creating your own moon rituals. Take a moon bath. Go outside and soak up the full moon – you can even do it naked (in the appropriate environment). The most important thing is to connect to feminine you. The one that says, “I love me” and “I am perfect just the way I am.” Every time you look up in the sky, shimmery mother moon sends you beams of light reinforcing that, yes, you are loved and perfect just the way you are.

Love *you*

Love every aspect of yourself. Place rose quartz in your bedroom, add a chunk in your bath water and place a small piece in rose water to cleanse your face. Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love, and at the end of the day isn’t that what we all want more of? Love yourself first and the rest will fall into place.

Choose Your Friends wisely

Hang around like-minded people who are positive, supportive, inspiring and have similar interests as you. This helps you to be the real you. You may also need to detach from some relationships that are keeping you from growing.

Just Own it

Lastly, next time you are at a party or event and someone mentions crystals, sageing or astrology under their breath, be that girl who says, “I am so happy you brought that up! We have a lot to talk about.” Own it.

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