The $4 Tool Every Wellness Maven Should Keep In the Kitchen

A few months back, we ran into a little kitchen tool that changed our lives: the long-handled cocktail stirrer.

No, it wasn’t a perfectly stirred martini that changed everything (we like them shaken, duh!), it was the addition of this simple bar tool to our weird wellness drink rituals.

We say “wellness drink” because of the great variety of health-giving beverages we’re mixing up over here on any given day: smoothies, green juice, protein drinks, vitamin C tonics, herbal remedies, coffee with gelatin and cacao powder – we could go on!

You name it, we’re drinking it.  But the annoying side-effect of all this frenzied drink-making is that our counters are constantly covered in a thin veil of powder – and the same is true for our 3-free manicured hands. It’s not a good look!

Most protein powders and other powdered potions come with tiny plastic scoops or nothing at all. If you’re a long-time Chalkboard reader, we’ve got to believe you know what we’re talking about when we say the worst part of rushing out the door in the mornings is digging down deep into the bottom of an envelope of whey protein or green powder and getting that sprinkling of powder all over our sleeves, clean counter and goodness knows where else.

Here’s the cocktail stirrer we’ve discovered we love best: a utilitarian metal wand from CB2 that can reach the bottom of just about any bag or bottle, snags just the right amount of product, and does a mean job stirring everything up in a glass if need be. If, like us, you’ve got a daily ritual or two involving green powder, a protein shake or powdered vitamin c, we think you’ll appreciate our simple little find!

Find it: CB2’s stainless steel cocktail stirrer

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