The quiet, precious days between Christmas and New Year’s are a few of our favorite. Whether you’re spending time tucked at home with loved ones or are taking a much needed holiday, bookmark these home tips from the ever-so-stylish Jenni Kayne to look over and implement in the new year.

Jenni’s home is a remarkable space filled with a cozy balance of natural materials and well-curated objects. If you’ve been a Chalkboard reader long, we know you’ve been wanting insights from Jenni as you’ve perused the images from throughout her gorgeous home. Here are a few of her tips, ideas and personal favorites to keep things stylishly cozy for 2015…

Kitchen storage tip:

I love having everything in uniform, glass containers – that way you can really see what you are working with and looking for. And I keep all like things together… all beans together, all grains together, etc.  I use Mason or Weck jars and label them with craft stickers from Olive Manna.

Fave room in the house:

The kitchen – I love to cook.

Fave drink at home:

Green tea or yerba mate.

Fave soap/bathroom staples:

I love Los Poblanos Lavender Cleansing Soap and Lotion, and am also obsessed with Santa Maria Novella products – especially the Rose Water. My newest favorite: Earth Tu Face (read about their ingredients here). Their body wash and lotion smell amazing.

Magazine subscription:

The World of Interiors and Architectural Digest.

Candle scent for home:

Controlling chaos in kids’ rooms:

Baskets! I keep everything organized in different baskets, again putting all like items together.

Fave LA home shop:

Mine! I just changed the front of my store in West Hollywood to Home. And I am in love with my home store, Jenni Kayne Home, in Montecito. In L.A., I also love General Store in Venice, and Nickey · Kehoe and Lost & Found on the Eastside.  

Artists you're loving now:

Cecily Brown, Robert Graham, Robert Therrien, Diebenkorn.

At home uniform:

Family’s fave weekend dish:

Gwyneth’s Cauliflower and Chickpeas or Pamela Salzman’s Vegetable Curry.

To order in/go out for...

I love going out Axe, A.O.C. and Rustic Canyon, to name a few. We really don’t order in, I prefer to cook.

Bringing the outdoors in...

I always have fresh flowers or branches inside my home. I love looking out at my olive trees and then seeing their branches in a vase on my table.

Kitchen linens you love:

I love Linen Way napkins and placemats in natural and white, I sell at my stores. I’m also a big fan of Matteo vintage linen napkins and tablecloths… and Creative Women is always a favorite.

Must-have china for everyday:

Heath is everything to me – gorgeous, practical and timeless. For glasses I love Marta Barware from CB2.

Everyday home care supplies:

I love everything from The Laundress… and Murchison-Hume. 

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