Living Well, Wherever: On the Road with Country Star Carly Pearce

Country music star, Carly Pearce, has been on the road touring since she was barely double-digits. She’s climbed the ranks — and the charts — with hard work and humility and is now one of the top female vocalists on the country music scene.

Carly has developed a deep love of wellness to offset the balance-blasting effects of being constantly on the go. From regular Skype sessions with celebrity trainer Erin O’Prea (whose clients include Carrie Underwood and Kelsea Ballerini) to strategic road snacks, here are a few tricks we learned from Carly that she uses to live well, wherever…

Carve out run time | Always get a good run in—it’s the easiest workout to do on the road. You don’t need anything but yourself, a pair of running shoes and some good music. Running is also my therapy. It gives me time to myself to clear my head and regroup when in the midst of a busy tour season. I use the alone time to spark inspiration for new music or song ideas.

Carly Pearce

Stay in touch with My trainer | Skype or FaceTime workouts with trainer Erin O’Prea have been a lifesaver. Erin is key for my physical health, getting toned and staying in shape on the road. I FaceTime her on the road and/or do the different workouts she’s taught me when I’m home in Nashville. She knows what works for my busy schedule and how to be realistic with the time I have and goals I want to make. She’s amazing!

Make Simple, Easy Recipes | Overnight oats are my go-to. It’s an easy recipe and one of my favorites! Great for bringing on the bus, and keeps me nourished and full while on the go.

Stay hydrated | Water is so important for everyone, especially singers. With all the craziness of being on the road with constant travel, it’s easy to forget to drink enough water. I always make sure to drink a glass first thing in the morning and keep the bus stocked on the road—so there’s no excuse.

Plan, plan, plan | If you aren’t intentional with actions—such as meal prepping or being physically active—it likely won’t happen. I plan ahead by meal prepping and getting all of the healthy ingredients I need to cook before I hit the road. I also schedule workouts in the morning before a show. Planning ahead will help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated—and on track— while traveling.

EAT HEALTHY | Don’t underestimate the power of fruits and veggies in order to ensure you are getting all of the vitamins you need to stay alert and energized. In my opinion, nothing beats grilled asparagus!

Bring your own snacks | It can be tempting to stop and buy snacks for your trip, but convenience stores and gas stations don’t usually carry healthy alternatives. Pack your own and save money, time and temptation.

Don’t forget to sleep | Getting eight hours of sleep a night is so important, especially because traveling can take a toll on your body. Prioritize sleep so you can be your best self all day long!

Check in on emotions | Mental health is just as important as physical health, so keep a travel journal along with a good book and enjoy time to yourself when you travel.

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