Is it just us or is everyone digging yellow these days? Edging Millenial Pink out of the spotlight, rich, warm yellows are showing up in everything from cute sweaters to pretty decor. Of what we know about color therapy, yellow is a happy and uplifting shade — evoking feels we could all benefit from a bit more of. Home and garden journalist, Victoria Harrison, is sharing how to use this mood-boosting color all over your home. The excerpt is from her latest book, Happy By Design, which provides a guide for using a sense of design to boost health and happiness…

When it comes to decorating our homes, color is a key choice that many of us puzzle over — but just how important is color on our happiness and well-being? According to research I uncovered when writing Happy By Design, color actually does have a profound impact on our mood. In scientific trials, a group of volunteers rated how a range of colors made them feel and while everyone responded to color in uniquely personal ways, there was a clear color winner. So which shade did the majority choose as defined by making them feel happier? Yellow.

And there is obvious logic at play here: Yellow is the color of sunshine and warmth, after all, and it’s easy to include a little of this feel-good shade in our homes. But here’s a simple rule to keep in mind when using yellow at home: Less is always more. A little of this sunny shade goes a long way, so it’s best to use it as an accent color rather than all. And it’s especially beneficial to use it in places and spaces you want to feel energized. Below are tip and tricks to make the most of this mood-boosting color in your home.

Feel the energy. Steer clear of using it in the bedroom where you will want to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Brighten accessories. Simple updates are your friend here — think of using yellow scatter cushions, a soft wool throw or a buttercup yellow vase to bring warmth to a living room.

Warm up. You could also use yellow-toned lightbulbs or choose a lampshade with a gold or yellow lining to cast a warm glow each time you switch it on.

Borrow from the Sun. The aim of using yellow in the home is to mimic the mood-boosting effect of natural sunshine, so use it around doors or windows to magnify the effect of the natural daylight streaming in. Also, try painting the inside of a window frame a soft yellow or line curtains in a sunny shade to bring an unexpected, but happy, zip of sunshine into your home.

Make It Meaningful. The most important rule of all? Have fun and choose accessories that you truly love, that make you smile each time you see them.

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