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Maybe your legs have seen a few cloudy hikes up Mulholland between Zoom calls, but a full weekend of festival activities? Don’t panic, but this is a whole other experience.

Many of us have become more laidback about our aesthetic standards since experiencing a true, long-term quarantine and that’s definitely okay. You may want to go all out if you’ve been feeling cooped up, but we predict more low-key, natural looks this year too, as people focus more on having fun, then nailing an avant garde festival look!

Ultimately, beauty (especially festival beauty!) is meant to be fun. We have a few clean beauty ideas, both practical and playful, that’ll help you prep for Coachella, Stagecoach — and even Burning Man.

If you’re headed out on vacation this season (as 50% of polled TCM Instagram followers claimed to be doing soon), these great tips also apply!

Schedule the Pre-Trip Appointments

Even if you are a low maintenance person, we promise that a few strategic beauty appointments will let you be even more carefree once you reach your destination — California desert or otherwise! A few good appointments might also help you pack less beauty baggage.

Brows + Lashes | Want to skip makeup all weekend and still look like a million bucks? Book an appointment for a lash lift (no falsies involved) and a brow tint, for a natural, but high-impact effect that will have you waking up fresh AF and ready to hit the shows. In L.A., we recommend Naturally by Stevi Christine in Beverly Hills (mention The Chalkboard for 20% off your first service!).

Get a (fake) Tan | This depends on your skin color, but for pale types, nothing is as transformative as a good faux tan. Just be sure your formula is non-toxic! In LA, many of our go-to airbrush pros have pared back to privates only, so sadly we have no natural studios to recommend out right!

For at home applications, we love Amanda Harrington’s products, especially her giant fluffy brushes that simply refuse to allow streaks and unintended residue. We also stan Vita Liberata for a universally flattering warm brown shade that blends easily. Special mention for all of these options too.

About your hair… | Pop in for a quick trim to bring new life to your hair or go for fresh color. We’re all about the soft brunette and auburn shades happening now — the first hair trend to emerge post-pandemic. In L.A., we trust Spoke & Weal, Benjamin and Tania Whittier at Méche Salon for non-toxic color that is next-level.

If you’d prefer to do something at home, Hally offers a rainbow of at-home hair colors for classic festival style — the first brand to make an ammonia-free foam hair dye ever. They also make a great glaze that applies easily in the shower. Here are a ton of other great clean hair products we’ve been loving lately.

refresh your smile | A few quick whitening sessions can be so rewarding for a special occasion. Use Moon Dissolving Whitening Strips while you WFH for the laziest, but most effective option or go for the Kendall Jenner-backed brand’s new whitening device that promises to take teeth 12 shades whiter in just two weeks.

Coachella Essentials To Pack

Get a tattoo | A fake one that is. We were blown away by Inkbox’s clean temporary tattoos and the wide range of designs available. We especially love the tiny designs for fingers and full length arm length looks.

They also make a non-toxic tattoo marker which could get really fun while in festival mode.

temporary tattoos festival

Press-On Nails | Chillhouse’s press-on nails won’t destroy nailbeds and are pretty clean. If you want to pop on a fresh mani or nail shape this is a really fun way to make it happen with very little fuss.

Ear Seeds | Take your ear party to new — and functional — heights. Properly placed, 24k gold ear seeds — like this set from Vie Healing — stimulate reflex centers in the brain. It’s best to have these placed by a pro or to buy a set with thorough instructions. Ear seeds are very easy to apply, but placement is crucial.

ear seeds

Stay Hydrated + SPF’ed | In your excitement to be back in a crowd, don’t forget to hydrate and wear sunscreen. It always seem like obvious advice until it’s too late. We’re hooked on LMNT’s electrolyte packs with tons of minerals, cocktail-like flavors and a level of hydration that you have to feel to believe. Just add one to a bottle of water a day.

For sunscreen, we still stand by these sun protection product picks from 2019. Trust us on the Supergoop!

Don’t forget your lips | If you’re going to put on more than tinted sunscreen, why not go for the ultimate festival look and rock a red lip from a music goddess herself? Gwen Stefani just launched a clean makeup line and the lip products come in just one shade of red in different textures. We trust her.

Not a red lip kind of girl? Pack up Rel Beauty’s easy-to-wear sheer tinted lip balm in your waistpack and be on your way. Read our interview with the funny founder here. 

We have a million other tips and tricks for staying well during festival season and travel that you can find in our archives. More importantly, this year, take it easy on yourself and everyone around you — and simply have a good time!

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