If we could only have one personal trainer for the rest of our lives, hands-down it would  be Mark Harari. His studio, Pulse Fitness Studio, made us fall in love with group fitness all over again when it opened in 2007, much like it did for the droves of celeb clientele who have now been singing its praises for years. While it boasts killer boxing classes and a stellar, sweaty cycle room, Pulse has made a name for itself in the fitness industry because of Mark’s signature Tread & Tone class: 30 minutes of high-energy high-intensity treadmill intervals coupled with 30 minutes of you-know-what-busting resistance work that varies focus by the day. And while the workout is what gets us in the door, it’s Mark’s demeanor that makes us stay. His encouraging, down-to-earth and empathetic style makes Mark like the kid you always hoped would pick you for his team in fifth grade P.E. Harari is responsible for some of the hottest bodies and biggest transformations in Hollywood, from Jenny McCarthy to Katie Holmes – and even fitness god Bob Harper himself.

Take a peek at what makes Mark tick – and steal his “devilish” 6-minute workout that will have you sweating in no time (trust us, we’ve tried it)!


Mark Harari.


Owner of Pulse Fitness Studio and creator of the PulseTread App for iPhone.

My specialty:

Creating new challenges for clients each day, motivating and inspiring them to achieve what they didn’t know they could actually do.

Favorite class to teach:

Tread & Tone. It’s our signature class at Pulse Fitness Studio, incorporating 30 minutes of cardio work on the treadmill with 30 minutes of strength and resistance training using dumbbells and resistance bands. I love it because it’s a new challenge each day. No routines allowed in this house! You wouldn’t pay a personal trainer to do the same workout each day, right? My job is to be creative and fun by creating a new treadmill and floor workout every time you walk in the door… and I love it!

Favorite class to take:

Box & Tone at Pulse Fitness Studio. The Marshalls are the nicest/deadliest family of black belts, and they have developed a class involving 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes strength, and 20 minutes of boxing. It’s killer! 

Moment I fell in love with fitness:

The summer after graduating high school, I joined Gold’s Gym in Dallas and began working out. I loved it and had to make it a part of my daily routine! I learned a lot just by watching other folks in the gym and asking questions. I headed to the University of Texas in Austin that fall and found myself choosing a trip to the gym over…well, some of the other stuff that goes on in college! It was my stress release, my break from studies, and my time to just get away and work. I didn’t realize it would end up being a career path for me at some point!

When you leave my class you feel:

Better than when you walked in 60 minutes ago. If a trainer yells at you long enough to do something, you’ll probably do it just to shut him up. However, I don’t feel that there is any sense of self-satisfaction or accomplishment in that for the client. My class is about positive reinforcement. I want you to feel like you got stronger, leaner, and better today because you made the choice to come here and work hard… because you did.

My secret weapon:

The 666 Devil Run. 6.0 speed, on a 6.0 incline, for 6 minutes. I lose a lot of friends that way…

Go-to workout equipment:

Bluetooth wireless headphones. I love not having that long cord getting in the way.

In my gym bag:

Lifting gloves, boxing gloves, and a “night guard” because I apparently grind my teeth when lifting heavy weights. If you find yourself doing the same, I highly recommend getting one. It’s not sexy…but neither is oral surgery.

Favorite exercise technique:

High intensity intervals on the floor. Incline sprints on the treadmill. Sounds like a party to me!

Biggest inspiration:

My fellow trainers, and here’s why: I’m extraordinarily proud of, and thankful for, the amazing trainers we have here at Pulse. Every one of them comes from a different fitness background, so they each bring their individual style to the class. I’m constantly inspired by their knowledge, creativity and presentation. It’s good to get my own butt handed to me once in a while…and they all know how to do it phenomenally!

When I'm not in the studio, I'm:

Working on my PulseTread App for iPhone (and hopefully Android soon). I record a new 30-minute treadmill challenge each day, and you can listen to your own music while I lead you through the daily program.

Favorite post-workout fuel:

BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) and 100% whey protein.

favorite way to hydrate:

Just straight-up water!

Fave quick workout outside of the studio:

The evil, evil stairs behind the Fashion Square Mall.

Latest healthy obsession:

Quest Nutrition Bars…specifically Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (now I need one!).

Current mantra:

“Easy” doesn’t change your body. (It’s trademarked, but y’all seem nice. So if you like it, enjoy!).

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