Superfood Spotlight: White Peony Root

What you need to know: An old Chinese saying states that “a woman who consumes peony root will become as beautiful as the peony flower itself.” With a claim like that, who wouldn’t be eager to try it? White peony root is one of the most prized herbs in tonic herbalism, used for promoting and enhancing beauty. White peony’s specialty is the building, purification, and tonification of blood, which leads to a flawless appearance – the cleaner and healthier the blood, the more radiant and ageless the beauty!

Why you should try it: Peony root is not only an important blood and beauty tonic, but can also be used to relax muscles. This makes it one of the most popular herbs amongst women, and for good reason: it helps to support a healthy menstrual cycle, including PMS. From an irregular flo” and night sweats to dizziness and high-risk scenarios, white peony can be utilized for its therapeutic benefits in all things female.

Let’s get together: While white peony root is not as easily located as other therapeutic herbs, it is quite popular in Asian markets. Simply purchase the root itself and steep in hot water to create a tea, and consume one to two times daily. If you are looking for a more simple way to get started, try Love Goddess Elixir by Dragon Herbs. This formula is not only intended to capture internal youth and beauty, but to increase feminine sexuality.

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