Class In Session With Maranda Barskey of Cycle House LA

Fitness is about so much more than executing a perfect lunge, logging an hour in the gym or getting that heart rate up to its max: a good workout leaves you feeling confident and ready to take on the world! And when entering an exercise class or training session, we know the instructor can definitely make or break your experience. We’ve scoured the scene for our favorite fitness pros and asked them to fill us in on their secrets for sweat-proof success!

Maranda Barskey is one of our favorite pros at Cycle House LA, West Hollywood’s celeb-packed spin studio with a reputation for getting people fit on the fly. Check out Maranda’s tips and best picks below and find out what makes her infectiously energetic “House Rides” one of Hollywood’s healthiest obsessions!

  • Class In Session With Cycle House LA's Maranda Barskey

  • My specialty:

    Indoor cycling & personal training.

  • Moment I fell in love with fitness:

    I was a hardcore classical ballet dancer until I shifted gears and went to Tisch at NYU, so I've always been physical. I really fell in love with spinning when I took my fellow Cycle House instructor Nick Hounslow's class at a different studio awhile back. He showed me for the first time that intense workouts could be fun...I took it and ran! Since then, I have developed my own unique style of riding which definitely incorporates my dance background and a whole lot of intervals.

  • Favorite class to teach:

    "The House Ride" at Cycle House

  • Favorite class to take:

    My boyfriend recently took me to Maha Yoga for the first time and I loved it!

  • When you leave my class you feel…

    Empowered. My classes are tough. That said, I pride myself on pushing my riders with positivity. I will never call anyone out in a negative way because I just don't believe in it. I prefer to get inside my riders minds. At the top of class I ask everyone to check in and decide on what is pushing and motivating them today. I believe that when you connect to something very real within yourself you accomplish so much more because it matters to you. It's suddenly tangible. You are fighting for something.

  • My secret weapon:

    My Polar Heart Rate Monitor. It's incredible. It tells you exactly what you are doing. No more guess work. No more excuses! With it, you can really hold yourself accountable and accomplish your daily/weekly/monthly goals. When people wear their heart rate monitor in class for the first time they are astonished when the output reads 600, 700, 1000 calories (that moment makes me so proud)!

  • In my gym bag:

    Bobby pins to secure my top knot and something to toss on over my sports bra after my workout. I've got to get out of my sweaty top ASAP!

  • Go-to workout gear:

    I must own a hundred Champion C9 sports bras (affordable and really supportive), tight black capris (a girl's gotta be able to move without exposing herself) and a water bottle.

  • Favorite post-workout fuel:

    Brown rice cake with almond butter…and a banana if I need it.

  • Favorite focus:

    I love anything that targets my core. People who aren't familiar with indoor cycling are often really surprised to discover that you work so much more than just your legs. There are tons of fun ways to target different muscle groups on the bike and the abs are always my personal favorite!

  • Biggest inspiration:

    Feeling good. At this point, I am so in touch with my body that when I have a naughty day or two with my diet, or I don't workout enough during the week….I actually feel off. When you are truly dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, you can hear your body telling you what it needs. I am really proud that I have gotten myself to this point where I am so in tune with my body that I can respond accordingly. Don't get me wrong here, I totally treat myself from time to time and embrace my day's off from working out, but I have long since crossed the threshold of having healthy living feel like a chore. Now it's just my life!

  • Fave quick workout outside the studio:

     Jumping rope! I am obsessed.

  • Favorite way to hydrate:

    Citrus 4 or Coconut H2O from Pressed Juicery. They are always super refreshing after a tough workout.

  • Latest healthy obsession:

    …did I mention I'm obsessed with jumping rope?

  • When I'm not in the studio, I'm...

    Learning sides (I'm also an actress), writing or playing one of my ukuleles.

  • Current mantra:

     You get what you give.

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