Superfood Spotlight: Broccoli Sprouts

Superfood Spotlight: Broccoli sprouts

What You Need To Know: Broccoli sprouts are the baby sister of the cruciferous vegetable we all know and love! With a mild taste and slight crunch, they are perfect for finicky children and those who are a bit timid venturing into the world of sprouted grains and veggies.

Why You Should Try It: Broccoli is a superfood on its own – so why seek out the sprouted version? Imagine all the benefits of broccoli jam-packed into a fraction of its normal size. Broccoli sprouts – like all sprouts – contain a concentrated source of nutritional compounds and enzymes, giving you more bang for your buck with every bite consumed. Its high concentration of sulforaphane reduces cancer risk: just one ounce of broccoli sprouts contain between twenty and fifty times more of these incredible compounds than almost two pounds of mature broccoli heads! They also prevent respiratory illness and deliver a dose of vitamin C to your bloodstream, perking up your immune system.

Let’s Get Together: Broccoli sprouts are best enjoyed raw with all their enzyme content intact, but can also steamed or stir fried, and are an unexpected way dress up an otherwise ho-hum salad. Their mild taste also makes them a welcome addition to your next homemade green juice. Cheers!

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