We were thrilled to see so many independent restaurants and shops thriving in downtown Seattle during our recent visit. The city of Seattle is known to beat to its own drum and to prize its independent artisans, but in the age of big business a thriving small business community has becoming increasingly difficult for most cities to pull off. Seattle makes it work and we’re so glad they do; it’s what make the city such a unique weekend away and one of the nation’s best cities to live in.

Here are a few of our favorite spots to check out, broken down by neighborhood. Don’t miss the chance to eat at London Plane, the shopping experience at Totokaelo or Dandelion, and the brand new Pressed Juicery in the heart of downtown!

On Broadway

Totokaelo | The inimitable Totokaelo shop has a global reputation for it’s of fashion-forward clothing and home accessories – a thoughtfully curated collection crafted by independent artists and designers and carefully. Now in NYC as well, their beautiful two-story flagship in Seattle is worth a walk though.

Nube | This shop makes it easy – and stylish – to live a little greener. Their clothing, accessories and home goods are all made in the USA, by independent artisans who use repurposed or organic materials to create something new and beautiful.

Molly Moon | Ice cream sundaes inside this small local producer brought us to tears. Local, natural and totally creative. Must-trys include their goat milk ice cream and hand-made caramel sauce – worth the wait in lines that regularly wrap around the corner.

Pioneer Square

London Plane | The restaurateurs behind the London Plane own many of the hotspots in the city that make it such a worthwhile visit. We instantly fell in love with London Plane for its high ceilings, in-dining room floral shop, case of umpteen fermented veggies, and local, health-conscious menu full of “real” food. This is the kind of restaurant that makes so many people want to buy a home before leaving town.

Sitka & Spruce | Same restaurant group as London Plane and another cozy, ‘what’s old is new’ dining room. The ingredients at S & S come largely from their own farm and are served in the kind of gorgeous, earthy, ingredient-driven dishes you dream of eating in the Pacific Northwest.


Pike Place Market | There will never be a market quite like the Pike Place Market in the U.S. The abundance of fresh floral vendors, local seafood on ice, cobblestone streets and simple cafes like the ones they frequented in Sleepless In Seattle make it a must-visit every time. Don’t miss the Post Alley nearby either, including the Pink Door at night.

Biscuit Bitch | This punky breakfast spot veers far outside the lines when it comes to clean eating, but don’t worry, this grungy breakfast eatery serves a gluten-free breakfast biscuit sandwich that is nothing short of divine.

The Thompson Seattle | Award-winning architecture is the star of the show inside the Thompson charmingly kitchy Scout restaurant and up on the rooftop where their bar – The Nest – boasts one of the most stunning outdoor views downtown.

Pressed Juicery | L.A.’s favorite cold-pressed juice brand is arriving in the PNW (check out location deets here!). Opening doors in the heart of downtown at Westlake Center, we’re looking forward to grabbing a green juice and shopping the original Nordstrom downtown!


Dandelion | We were delighted to find this incredible apothecary with a wall of loose herbs in jars, a stunning collection of incense and individual consultations available with staff. A must-visit for any wellness lover!

Lucca | Lucca is exactly the kind of shop you hope to stumble into in this city. Small home goods, desk items and paper are expertly curated here with a touch of the unusual. If you hope to return home with a souvenir, this may be the most chic and authentic place to find one – whether narwhal bottle opener or handmade wrapping paper.

The Palm Room | The succulent and house plant obsession is alive and well in all corners of the country apparently. This adorable green room and shop has potted and hanging plants of every shape and size. Visit and wander through the plants just for that cozy scent of potting soil.


Theo Chocolate Factory | One of our favorite chocolatiers for fair-trade and organic bars is headquartered here in the city and offers an educational factory tour that includes free samples. Enough said.

This list is by no means definitive or complete! Jog around Greenlake, take a ferry here, and have a cheat day at Dick’s Drive-In!
Let us know your local city of Seattle favorites below…

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