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It’s Cinco de Mayo On May 5th. If, like most of the world, you’re under quarantine this week, you might be craving a bit of travel and — if you ask us — Cabo San Lucas sounds pretty damn perfect right now. Here’s how to fake out the ultimate, cathartic Cabo experience while still in your sweats.

Host – Or Don’t | Consider rounding up the gang for a Zoom call the night of the 5th. We recommend sunset to get the most from our epic resources below. Alternatively, kick back, enjoy a mocktail and just experience a moment of peace and quiet all on your own.

Start the playlist | DJ Capri, resident at The Cape in Cabo (with tentative plans to re-open June 10), has created this playlist for all of those celebrating Cinco de Mayo at home this year. Crank it up on Spotify. 

ocean view from the cape thompson in mexico

Pull Up the Cabo Surf Cam | For a mental and visual escape to Baja, check out this live surf cam showcasing the waves at surfer favorite, Monuments Beach. Pull it up anywhere — on your desktop computer, laptop, phone or outdoor projector!

Grab the Margarita or Mocktail Ingredients | It takes two to three limes to create the 3 oz. of lime juice required for one fresh margarita (without processed sour mix). Shake the fresh lime juice with 2 oz. of good tequila and a tablespoon of agave nectar. Salt the rim of a glass full of ice and add a few slices of jalapeno if you have available.

Inviting Zoom guests, send them a supply list beforehand. Here’s a more formal margarita recipe if you need it and a list of our favorite low-ABV and mocktail options. You can also order cocktails to-go from so many local restaurants — in LA try Tallula’s margs in spicy, mezcal or seasonal.

coastline and pool at the cape in cabo san lucas

Tacos optional | We’ve got a million taco recipes, like this list of our six favorite vegan tacos here. If you can swing it, consider ordering in from a local restaurant that could use your support. In LA, our favorite is Loqui for meal kits that also include rose or beer — find them listed on our delivery short list.

With so much travel on hold, we’re getting a small thrill out of experiences just like this one. Take us up on our Cinco de Mayo party plans — while it might not provide the satisfaction that comes from putting your toes in the sand or having actual salt in your hair, we’re guessing you could use a break from that Netflix binge or whatever else your evening at home routine has come to be!

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  1. That marg recipe is on point! Thank you!! Will be saving it forever

    Nancy | 05.05.2020 | Reply
  2. The spicy margarita recipe says 1/2 limes.
    What does that mean ?

    Nanci | 05.08.2020 | Reply
  3. The formal margarita, that’s a spicy margarita says 1/2 lime juice, not sure what that means.
    Your other recipes say 3 limes!

    Nanci | 05.08.2020 | Reply
    • that other recipe also has orange and lemon juice

      The Chalkboard | 05.19.2020 | Reply
  4. One recipes (the link to the more formal margarita) calls for 1/2 of a lime juice since it has tons more ingredients. The one given on this page calls for 3oz lime juice which is roughly 3-4 limes juiced.

    Nancy | 05.12.2020 | Reply

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