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Halloween is the first big celebration of fall. We love the sense of excitement that builds around this playful time, and are thrilled by the wide range of possibilities for a perfect night — whether you’re the orchestrator of an epic group costume or simply can’t wait to burrow into your couch for a few spooky movies and homemade sweets. Whatever you have planned, the recipes below are the ultimate way to get your fix of clean candy for Halloween.

As wellness nerds, we can’t help but get spooked about what’s really going on inside all of the commercial Halloween candy we know so well. We admittedly love the nostalgia factor of a cheap candy bar, but one look at the ingredients and we’re in horror.

The recipes ahead are some of our faves from the past few years; a perfect blend of chocolate, caramel, and chewy fruity goodness. Best of all, they’re all made with real ingredients, natural sweetness and none of the chemicals you’ll find on supermarket shelves.

8 Clean Candy Recipes for HalloweenChocolate Cups |This clean candy classic requires minimal ingredients — the mains ones (cacao and nut butter) happen to have mood-boosting and blood-sugar balancing properties. We often have a batch of these chocolate almond butter cups ready to snack on in the freezer. If you’re looking for an even cleaner option, these raw seed and dark chocolate cups are always a good call.

Chocolate Caramel Turtles | These vegan and paleo-friendly chocolate turtles are from gluten-free baking goddess Laurel Gallucci of Sweet Laurel Bakery. They’re rich in all the right ways, and just the right amount of sweet. We love the textural layers — and uber-clean ingredient list, of course.

Mini Dark Chocolate S’mores Cups | These cups are incredibly easy to make — and so good. Whip them up in the freezer and make them all through the holidays! Get the recipe

Mini Caramel Apples | Hello, cuteness! If you’re looking for a sweet project that’s a little bit more involved (but like, in a fun way) these mini caramel apples are perfect. The date and ghee-based caramel is made to taste like the real deal but only features natural sugar. The apple in the center makes this a wholesome snack that’s loved both by kids and adults.

Quinoa Cacao Crispies | Deliciously Ella’s take on rice crispies is to good not to try. We love this version of the classic treat with a bit more protein and plenty of chocolate. Get the recipe

Superfood Chocolate Drops | This low-maintenance recipe from Hollywood plant-based caterers, Haute Chefs LA is totally customization, and super easy to make. Simply melt some dark chocolate and top it with your favorite raw superfoods for a fun and healthy clean candy for Halloween. So simple and so delicious, you’ll want to make these chocolate drops all year round.

superfood S’mores | These protein-packed s’mores are made with superfood chocolate bark that’s easy to throw together — and makes a fun activity for when friends are over (regardless of age). Whip up a batch and get snuggled into some knit blankets for a cozy Halloween celebration at home.

Keto Fat Bombs | This sweet treat is Keto approved and has health benefits to prove it. These clean and protein-rich Keto fat bombs are loaded with healthy fats that keep hunger cravings at bay, help boost metabolism, and even contribute to brain health. We’re almost reluctant to call them candy, but with such crave-able flavors and cute bite-sized presentation, it’s definitely close enough.

Watermelon Jerky | This simple treat is made with only one ingredient — watermelon. It’s one of our all time favorite recipes — and not too far off from a classic fruit leather or roll. If you’re not really a chocolate kind of person, this watermelon jerky is the ultimate clean candy for Halloween.

homemade jello pressed juicery

Pressed Juice Gummies | We always have a fridge full of juice, and on Halloween we like to put it to work. This recipe for pate de fruit jelly candies made with fresh pressed juice is a classic we always come back to. The recipe is simple and adaptive, meaning you can use whatever juicy goodness you have on hand. These pretty gem-like gummies make cute gifts as well as great clean Halloween candy. We also love these immunity-boosting elderberry gummies.


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