We’ve been swooning over Loliware’s glowy and adorable edible cups for some time. These unusual, translucent cups are made from vegan fruit pectin and come in a variety of cocktail-friendly flavors that are almost too pretty to eat – and are as eco-friendly as things get! Encourage a crowd of NYE pals to go ahead and eat their cups when their drinks run dry and you’ll delight (and confuse) everyone, plus avoid a sink full of dishes – genius. In flavors like sour citrus or salty lime, guests will need very little conjuring to eat their glassware.

The playful, festive vibe of New Year’s Eve is the perfect match for these uniquely delicious glasses. We’re sharing a few simple New Year’s Eve cocktails recipes with you to match Loliware’s citrus-flavored cups – the perfect pour for the last night of 2014.

Loliware is the brain-child of two industrial designers who met while competing in a JELL-O competition (apparently, that’s a thing.) These two creative ladies, with their shared passion for all things gelatinous, got the itch to create something functional with the sugary, wobbly stuff and it wasn’t long before they’d created their first batch of Loliware edible cups. The beautiful little glasses are made in flavors that pair well with everyone’s favorite beverages – salty lime glasses for tequila, anyone? – and they’ve managed to create a whole new cocktail experience that’s both eco-friendly, delicious and super-fun. Future plans for Loliware include sugar and cream-flavored cups for coffee and the world’s first edible water bottle!

These innovative ladies’ current offerings include the canary yellow, citrus-flavored cups pictured above –  the perfect match for our juicy versions of a New Year’s Eve toast.

New Year’s is all about champagne – and there’s really no more you need come December 31 than some bottles of bubbly and a few Pressed Juicery flavors. Pour our refreshing and festive versions of the mimosa into these wow-inducing gummy glasses and you’ve got the perfect NYE cocktail.

We love Citrus 1 (grapefruit mint juice) with a dry champagne and rosemary sprigs or Rose Coconut Water with a sparkling rosè and a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds. Pour either combination into Loliware’s glowing glassware and serve up cocktails like your guests have never tasted. Honestly, the best part about these candy cups are that they leave no dish-washing behind for the host. If all goes well, your guests consume every last bite of their glassware–both eco-friendly and totally convenient.

Win a set of Loliware for your own! We’re giving away a set of 16 citrus-flavored Loliware cups to one lucky reader (U.S. shipping only.) Enter below by leaving a comment and by signing-up for our weekly TCM Newsletter here. We’ll select one new subscriber to receive an entire set of gummy glasses!  Giveaway ends 1/5/14 at 5pm. Good luck – and cheers!

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