Barre workouts are still one of our favorite picks for a hardcore workout that strengthens, lengthens and tones our bodies into that of a prima ballerina – but rest assured, you don’t have to be a pro to master these barre moves.

Our girl, blogger Lauren Gores puts the moves to the test at Pure Barre’s Beverly Hills studio. Don’t have the time, money or space? Pull on those leg warmers, throw your hair in a bun and master these basic core poses at home for that all-kinds-of-good, muscle burn.

‘Tis the season of working off holiday treats and sweets! Our bodies certainly deserve a good sweat session.

I stepped into Beverly Hills’ Pure Barre studio expecting to channel my inner Misty Copeland. Turns out, you don’t need a ballerina’s background to take a class. Rather, you need a willingness to squeeze your bum and feel the burn!

Pure Barre combines stretches and small movements to build lean muscle. The movements are slight, but you’ll feel each position targeting precise areas of your body. You’ll leave feeling motivated, clear-minded… and sore. The good kind!

I worked alongside instructor Kelsey J. Patel at her Pure Barre studio to learn five signature moves and their benefits. Best part? You can replicate these positions from home if you don’t have a Pure Barre nearby.

Forearm Plank

Begin your workout with this core-building exercise. Shoulders should be over your elbows, while your body forms a straight line from the tip of your head to your spine. Draw your abs in (and squeeze your bum)! This position strengthens your core and improves overall body strength.

Seat-Work Position

This move will make your feel long and lean. Position your arms straight off the barre, while lifting one leg and keeping the other knee softly bent. Squeeze your bum while making small and swift lifts with your raised leg. This position strengthens your core and upper back, while giving your seat a boost!

Thigh-Work Position

Prepare to feel (a little) like a ballerina here. Grab a hold of the barre and take a “seat.” Your body should form a 90-degree angle, with your knees over your ankles. Once in position, use your feet to make small and controlled movements up and down. The less your bounce, the more effective the exercise will be. You’ll feel the burn and begin to shake, working both your top and inner thighs.

Pure Abs

The coveted abs workout is what really makes you feel better post holiday feast! Plant your feet firmly into the floor, while rounding out your lower back and keeping your abs pulled in. Press your feet down as you contract your core, while holding a Pure Barre ball (which simultaneously works your arms).


Stretching is a significant part of the Pure Barre workout, as its benefits are both mental and physical. Breathe into your stretch, while reaching for your toes. Take slow breaths and avoid bouncing. A solid stretch relieves stress, eases tight muscles and improves circulation. Stretch daily, regardless of your workout!

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