We’ll take any excuse to spend a few hours out in Malibu – especially when a seaside sound bath and chakra-balancing dinner are part of the plan. We recently attended a gorgeous gathering hosted by the lovely wellness lifestyle pros, Vanessa Fitzgerald and Fern Langham, and the night left us feeling as uniquely well as you’d expect.

The evening brought together a community of inspiring wellness lovers, including ‘life stylist’ Luke Storey, our friends at Energy Muse (who provided stunning, chakra-coordinated crystals for each course) and various yogis and mind-body gurus from all around L.A. (scroll through the images above for a taste or the magic.)

Before floating off with a sound bath provided by songstress Larisa Rose, we sat down for a delicious and utterly unique chakra-themed dinner: a seven course family style experience by wellness chef, Aimee-Jean Greenacre. Each meticulously crafted dish was created to correspond with and benefit one of the chakras – which Chef Aimee achieved by artfully matching colors and ingredients that nourish each energy center. Peek below for a breakdown of the menu, and let it inspire your own version of this fun concept…

Eat The Rainbow:

A 7-course chakra-balancing dinner

Root Chakra: Red for Grounding Energy

Grounding foods associated with the adrenal glands, instinct and survival
roasted roots | beetroot | purple parsnips | radishes | black pepper
Red Jasper is connected with your first Root Chakra, and brings stability and grounding energies to connect you with the energy of the Earth.

Sacral Chakra: Orange for Confidence
Water element associated with our sexual organs related to emotions and creativity
cardamon | carrot | sweet potato soup | with organic chicken bone broth
Carnelian is connected with the second Sacral Chakra to infuse your body with creativity, passion and courage.

Solar Plexus: Yellow for Happiness
Fiery energy for empowerment and transformation, connected to pancreas and self-esteem
sunshine turmeric chicken curry | yellow peppers | organic chicken | squash | coconut milk
quinoa cooked in ghee | cashews | cloves | golden raisins
Yellow Jasper energizes your body, filling it with light, happiness and joy. It is connected with the third Solar Plexus Chakra.

Heart Chakra: Green for Rejuvenation  
Refreshing + Balancing, connected to your heart, love, relationships and gratitude
wild greens | mint| roasted fennel | pumpkin seeds | micro kale | basil dressing
Aventurine is connected with the fourth Heart Chakra, bringing unconditional love and helping to open up your heart. 

Throat Chakra: Blue for Calming
Communication + Expression, connected to your thyroid, truth and authenticity
chamomile | blue chai elixir | warming tea
Sodalite facilitates open communication and truth and is connected with the fifth Throat Chakra.

Third Eye Chakra: Purple for Peace
Clarity + Focus, connected to your pituitary gland, wisdom and intuition
lavender | blueberry mousse | blackberries | toasted coconut flakes
Amethyst brings intuitive and spiritual energies and is tied with your sixth Brow Chakra.

Crown Chakra: White for Strength   
Divine + Higher self, connected to your pineal gland, interconnection and spirituality
coconut | cashew | vanilla bean | nice-cream
Quartz Crystal is connected to your seventh Crown Chakra, bringing clarity, enlightenment and self-realization.

Does this chakra-balancing dinner menu have you hungry for more?
Learn all about your chakras with this simple guide!

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