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Celebrity stylist Sara Dinkin, recently launched Canyon Goods — an online sustainable marketplace featuring sustainably-minded designers from all around the world. The online platform features a collection of clothing and accessories curated from more than 25 sustainably-sourced brands as well as a selection of vintage items directly from Dinkin’s closet, collected over her years as a stylist as she hunted for the world’s most unique and beautifully-made pieces.

Working in a few pre-loved pieces into your wardrobe is an eco-friendly and fashion-forward way to explore personal style. Finding the right vintage pieces can be challenging without some guidance. We asked Sara Dinkin to spill her top secrets for embracing and styling vintage, from the items everyone should have to tips for taking your treasure to the tailor…

How is shopping vintage sustainable?

Next to purchasing sustainable fashion items that directly help reduce or offset one’s carbon footprint, shopping vintage is a sustainable way to prolong the life of a garment. There is no “new” product being made and it is recycling the clothing the same way we recycle other plastics.

3 favorite vintage shops:

The Rose Bowl, Vintage on Hollywood, Varsity

Fave personal vintage find:

I found a rhinestone turquoise Vaquero suit, made by Nathan Turk, that fits me like a glove. I would say it’s still my favorite purchase to date.

Fave era for vintage pieces?

The seventies. I also love home decor from the seventies, and just sold my ’72 Chevy Cheyenne pick up truck.

Key things to watch out for when hunting for vintage:

If you are buying band t-shirts, really make sure to do some research — there are a lot of replicated tees that people will try to tell you are originals. You can always tell by the label on the inside of the shirt, the feel of the fabric and if there is a date on the tee.

One essential vintage item everyone should own:

A good denim jacket. I’m personally a big denim jeans/jacket collector. I love a double denim look.

One area of vintage to skip:

I think that is subjective. I would say I personally skip brand new designer consignment stores because there are so many great thrift stores and vintage stores in Los Angeles.

Key tips for caring for vintage pieces:

When it comes to denim, try to wash your jeans as minimally as you can or you’ll wind up with rips in many places. The freezer is your best friend! And for most items like dresses, blouses and jackets, always dry clean.

Must-know tips for taking things to the tailor:

Make sure you are properly pinned in your garments. Vintage pieces have many miles on them and are delicate, once they are tailored there is usually no turning back.

How to integrate vintage pieces into your wardrobe:

I am all about mixing and matching new and recycled pieces. There are no rules in fashion.

I like to keep my uniform pretty basic — a vintage white tee (always have a plethora of white tees on hand), a pair of high waisted Levi’s and then layer necklaces and stack rings. In LA you can wear this look into the night with or without heels and a cute colored bag for a little accent.

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