We’re living for CBD these days. While the trending ingredient has solved many of our daily struggles, from stress and anxiety to inflammation, it seems we’ve found ourselves with a new one: sourcing.

Our go-to online source, Standard Dose, was born from the idea that benefiting from CBD should be an accessible, transparent and distinctly beautiful experience. The new digital retailer takes pride in their strict and judicious sourcing process — and they’re shaking up the industry once again with their brand new brick and mortar flagship in NYC that’s so stunning and serene it’s more like art than retail.

The new Standard Dose shop is a beautiful big city escape and provides a full holistic wellness experience inside its rosy walls. Beyond the shop, where you can find top-notch, tightly vetted CBD products, the space also houses a class space and tea bar. The class space will feature regular yoga and meditation classes and the tea bar provides visitors an ideal escape from the noise and pressures of their daily lives. Later in the summer they will also introduce a private spa treatment room, featuring luxe products we love from their site.

Standard Dose vets all brands with actual lab testing to ensure product claims, making their fine-tuned offering of tinctures, creams, edible products and beauty solutions safe, natural and genuinely effective. Their NYC shop shows the same attention to detail and meaningful wellness — not just the hyped up version. Here’s how we curated our experience…

Deepen Your Meditation…

How to Breathe by ashley Neese | We’re so proud of our girl, breathwork coach Ashley Neese, for her debut book. This tiny but deeply impactful guide leads readers through twenty-five breath techniques to better manage stress, anger, trauma, grief, elevate intuition and use mindfulness to find truly elevating wellbeing. CHECK OUT
Standard Dose Tincture |  Created for daily use, the Standard Dose Tincture contains 1000mg CBD isolate, MCT oil, and 0% THC. Made with hemp sourced from New York State, our formula adapts to your body’s unique chemistry to help relieve stress and anxiety, reduce pain and inflammation, and elevate to your daily wellness routine. Add it to your morning coffee, salad dressing or straight under your tongue for instant relief. CHECK OUT 

Melt Into The Spa…

Khus+Khus Restorative Potion | Loaded with hemp CBD and a slew of other healing botanicals, this rich herbal body butter relaxes muscles and sinks in deep to help restore a stressed-out nervous system. It’s perfect after a bath — slather on the rich infusion, breathe deeply into the spicy aroma and let it melt right into the skin. CHECK OUT
Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum | Sunflower and grape seed oil combine with 500mg of CBD to help nourish and calm the skin. Crafted in California, this dreamy botanical beauty serum hydrates deeply, reduces inflammation and brightens the skin. CHECK OUT 

Elevate Your Yoga…

The Good Patch Be Calm CBD Patch | This discreet transdermal CBD patch combines organic hemp CBD and menthol to help relieve stress and ease minor aches and pains. When working together, these natural, plant-based ingredients can act as a joint and muscle pain remedy that puts the mind at ease. CHECK OUT
Wylde One Yoga in a Cup | This balancing, plant-based elixir that helps reduce stress and anxiety, relax the mind and body, and promote an overall sense of inner calm. Swirl a single packet into some hot water or warmed nut milk and sip it down for an instant dose of relaxation thanks to powerful plant ingredients like reishi, ashwagandha, cinnamon, nutmeg and peppermint. CHECK OUT 

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