5 Self-Care Beauty Rituals To Recover From The Holidays

Nestled in the wild heart of NYC is a green beauty oasis known as CAP Beauty – basically a candy store for natural beauty obsessees who know the glow starts from the inside out. The ladies of CAP have never disappointed us with their glowifying recommendations, and the list below follows suit: From cleansing powders to soothing soaks, we’re sharing top picks for products that help us re-boot after the holidays, and keep us feeling our best well into the new year.

The holidays are filled with all the things we love: parties, gifts, delicious food, family and friends. But post-holiday can sometimes leave us feeling a little less than fantastic if some of our healthier habits have dropped off. Read on to find out some of our favorite (and most delicious) ways to get back into the game of health for a happy and healthy 2017!

The Dry Brush | One of the keys to a healthy body is moving. And a pre-shower brush is an excellent way to wake up your lymphatic system. Dry brushing is a simple and easy ritual increases circulation, gets blood flowing and has even been known to reduce cellulite. CHECK OUT HERE

Tata Harper Irritability Treatment | Sometimes the holidays can be a little too close for comfort. This roll on encourages a relaxed and easy mind, so apply it liberally post holiday. Or anytime. CHECK OUT HERE

Sun Potion Ashwagandha | This multitasking ayurvedic herb is the perfect support for you post-holiday. It is a particularly helpful herb to relieve stress, create emotional balance and brain function. This is the perfect potion for getting your life back in order after the fun (and late nights!) of the season. CHECK OUT HERE

Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath | This old school, health-food store staple has saved us many a time when we’re feeling run down. We immediately grab for it when we feel a cold coming on or have had too many nights out. Warming, healing and detoxifying, it’s the perfect night in. CHECK OUT HERE

The Beauty Chef Cleanse Powder | Getting back on track is all the easier with this powerful powder in your arsenal. Loaded with bacteria that supports you from the inside out, Cleanse helps to pre-digest your foods, allowing for higher levels of nutrition to be absorbed. CHECK OUT HERE

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