Can Joint Pain Be Reversed

According to Brigid Titgemeier MS RDN, “arthritis and joint pain can be easily reversed with the right nutrition and lifestyle approach.” Do we have your attention?

There’s a catch, says Brigid: “In order to achieve this, you have to be willing to take radical ownership of your health.“

As a functional medicine dietitian Brigid has helped thousands to change their diet and lifestyle in order to improve joint pain and reduce inflammation. Here’s her take on the topic as a whole…

On Arthritis, Joint Pain + Chronic Inflammation

Arthritis and joint pain are manifestations of inflammation. There is no drug or surgery that can resolve long-term inflammation alone — you must also identify and address the root cause.

Chronic inflammation is the driving cause of underlying joint pain and arthritis and both conditions can be reversible for some. This has been my experience in working with thousands of clients and it is my team’s experience in our digital functional nutrition business. My approach entails a deeper look at what’s going on inside the body and then using a ‘food as medicine’ approach.

Is Surgery Necessary To Resolve Arthritis + Joint Pain?

Surgery can be an absolutely life changing option for many. Some people need both nutrition and surgery.

But it is also worth asking: How many surgeries could be prevented by addressing underlying chronic inflammation through food and lifestyle?

The anecdotal experience of my team of dietitians who’ve cumulatively worked with >10,000 clients is: a ton!

From my vantage point as a functional practitioner, it is frustrating to see the number of surgeries that are performed without addressing the root causes of poor nutrition and lifestyle.

Most surgeons don’t discuss inflammation or the dietary changes that can support its reduction. It’s not their area of expertise and, frankly, there is no financial incentive.

A dear friend of mine is an orthopedic surgeon, a joint specialist. I’ve sent him reams of research on inflammation and nutrition changes for joint pain. The other day, he told me flatly “I can’t make money from people changing their diet. I make money operating.”

He’s a great surgeon and I honestly can’t blame him. Our insurance system is set up to pay hundreds of thousands for surgery and hundreds for dietitian counseling (if any at all), but it’s something the average patient isn’t factoring into their decision-making process.

How My Clients Address Arthritis + Chronic Inflammation

Recently, one of my clients shared that she’s no longer having surgery for the arthritis in her wrist. She hasn’t worn her wrist brace in over a month.

Her wrist pain is gone because she changed her diet in a very targeted way in the last 4 months. Here are a few of the key tips she followed to lower her join pain and inflammation.

+ Avoid ultra-processed foods.

+ Improve your fatty acid profile.

+ Identify nutrient deficiencies.

+ Identify personal food triggers.

+ Improve your blood sugar balance.

+ Heal your gut.

+ Limit environmental pollutants.

+ Add turmeric, ginger and other anti-inflammatory spices and herbs.

Currently, society trains us to prioritize the treatment of disease over the creation of health.

Surgery may be a very necessary option for you! But you also deserve to know that nutrition can play an enormous role.

Surgery can cost tens of thousands of dollars, plus the time spent in recovery for 2 weeks, risks of going under anesthesia and 6 weeks not exercising.

Some of my nutrition programs cost thousands of dollars in coaching, testing and personalized planning. Some of my clients instantly see the value and others say it’s too expensive — and insurance often doesn’t cover. Compared to the actual financial cost and physical toll of surgery, these fees are a drop in the bucket.

Understanding your options allows you to make an informed choice with your healthcare team and do what’s best for you.

Tell us what your experience has been in the comments below. And share this post with a friend who could benefit!

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  1. SUNDAY MAY 8th started taking Curry Powder
    Sat. May 14th started taking Glucosamine and MSM
    Sun. May 15th started taking Collagen
    Mon. May 30th …. I have about 75% return of pain free motion in my left and right shoulders. My left knee is nearly pain free and the underside ligaments have less pain. My left large middle finger knuckle is about 90% pain free. My forearms are a little smoother to the touch.
    I have been taking them faithfully now for four weeks.  The range of motion in my left and right shoulders is about 95 percent.  Much better than the 60 percent.  I can hit overhead tennis shots without searing pain and I can close my car door without fear of pain as I reach out to pull the door closed.  And I can take off a t-shirt now without agonizing pain.  The arthritic pain and tightness in my left hand middle large knuckle is now abated and I can move my hand freely and flex my fingers without pain.  My left knee is now pain free.  There had been pain in the back ligaments and the kneecap and just below the front kneecap.  Probably had been caused by jogging, snow skiing, racquetball, tennis, baseball, and of course old age.  
    Monday—June 27th
    Note to J. Star…. dexterity… nimbleness…agility… quick and neat in movements…spriteliness…a fluid and ease of motion like decades ago… no creakiness…there is an elasticity that goes back decades… a limberness… all of the joints… elbows… ankles… hips… knees… wrists…neck…fingers ….eyeballs in there sockets even…. are quicker, smoother, and more fluid and in unison with all other components…and the shoulders… especially the shoulders…. where this tendinitis all began…. I caught a speeding tennis ball out of the air like in my 20’s and 30’s last week when I was playing with Scott. That moment… millisecond moment… Triggered micro memories from my 20’s and 30’s…Like all of the joints and connecting tissues and tendons and ligaments are well lubricated and have there elasticity back like brand new again. It’s absolutely remarkable. Now there is no hesitation or doubt in movements that had Been creeping in with my age little by little over the past years. It’s like…… WOW!!!! WOW!!! AND….. WOW!!! AGAIN AND AGAIN…. turning back the clock 30 to 40 years.
    Sunday July 16th,2022…
    Reduced Glucosamine tablets from 3 daily to 2 daily. All joint pain has gone away. Will continue to take 3 tablets a day of Collagen.

    Cliff McNeill | 08.09.2022 | Reply
  2. This is something worth looking into. But, this won’t help osteoarthritis bone on bone joints.

  3. Hey, that’s great. What kind of curry powder? A capsule or like the kind in the spice aisle? Do you mind sharing your age?

  4. Hi Cliff, What were/are the dosages of the supplements you are using. Very interested in trying your approach.

    Susan | 08.12.2022 | Reply

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