Natural Beauty For My Wedding

Tears of joy, beads of sweat, and a whole bunch of champagne-powered hugs; your wedding day makeup is up against a lot. We know chemicals could probably keep it all in place, but can natural products stand up to the same challenge?

We turned to The Detox Market’s head of content and education, green beauty pro Merrady Wickes to guide us through the second biggest question you’ll face on your wedding day…

Q: Can I use natural beauty products for my wedding? Will it really last all day?

A: First, congrats on your upcoming wedding! The simple answer is that on your big day, you want to feel like the best version of yourself. Whether you’re going for a polished, effortless vibe or having a more formal affair, you want to use products you know work for you. The truth is, even the most bulletproof makeup will need a touch-up or two. Read on for my best bridal tips… and the one conventional product you may want to use.

COLOR | Let your makeup take a cue from your wedding theme. Doing a sunny beach wedding? Choose shades of bronze, coral and gold. Having a black-tie vintage-inspired soiree? Maybe you want a vampy lip or a smoldering smoky eye. Whatever you’re doing, your green beauty faves will hold up as well as their conventional counterparts — but the key with either is to layer. For instance, you can start with a cream blush, then set it with a complementary powder formula. I love layering Kjaer Weis Blossoming with Lily Lolo Tickled Pink for a gorgeous bridal flush. You can also make any lipstick a lasting stain with this trick: Line your lips with a shade that matches their natural color and fill in completely. Apply your lipstick, blot, apply another coat, blot again, then go in for another layer of lipstick. I love the Kosås shade Rosewater or Ilia’s Madam Mina for brides, but take your time choosing something you love.

EYES | Okay, here’s where it gets tricky. Are you a crier? Or maybe you never cry, but you just might at your own wedding? I didn’t cry at mine until I saw my dad crying. It gets the best of us. The thing is, there are no truly waterproof, all-natural formulas. It’s one day. Get yourself some waterproof mascara and possibly eyeliner. And if your eyelids are oily, today is the day to spring for a silicone eyeshadow primer. I use waterproof mascara so rarely, I don’t keep one on hand. I usually grab a travel-size tube when I have a wedding. You can usually get a mini of the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, too, which is vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free. If you want to wear lashes, start trying on different styles and practicing now. I love individual lashes for brides since they’re the most comfortable and natural.

COMPLEXION | Get your skin together in the months before your wedding, not the week before. Reassess your skincare. Start masking every week. Get a facial once a month (but not the month of your wedding unless you really, really trust your esthetician!). You basically want to be as hydrated and smooth as possible, because your makeup will only look as good as the skin underneath it. If you need to cheat a little, you can use a silicone face primer to smooth out pores and imperfections, but I actually love the Vapour Stratus Soft Focus Instant Skin Perfector. I don’t know what voodoo magic is in there, but it really plumps and brightens and gives a soft-focus finish. If you’re more oily, the Alima Pure Smooth + Prime gently mattifies. And no matter who you are, you need powder. Powder will keep everything in place, and you especially want to eliminate any shine in the T-zone. What looks dewy in person is a bright glare in a flash photo. Use a smaller brush than you think to powder your forehead, nose, chin, under your eyes and anywhere you put concealer. I like the Sappho Silky Setting Powder. Then use your favorite mist to set and add a little moisture back in. You can also mist a damp sponge and bounce gently over your skin to take away any excess powder without disturbing the makeup.

I know I just gave you a lot of tips, but at the end of the day just use what feels good to you. Do a few trial runs on busy days while wearing a white top (if you’re getting married in white). White fabric changes the look of everything. Take lots of selfies, and have a dance party in your living room. You’ll know you’ve hit the perfect look when you can’t stop beaming at yourself in the mirror. Best wishes!

Discover how wellness pros get ready for the big day with these tips for aisle-ready natural beauty and overall well-being.

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