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From the moment we tried Seed’s DS-01 Daily Synbiotic, we realized that the brand was operating on a whole other level. Here’s our in-depth review.

Seed’s first innovation, the DS-01 Daily Synbiotic addresses not only digestive health, but skin health, heart health, gut immune function, and micronutrient synthesis. This probiotic and prebiotic has quickly become a preferred resource among our team, our readers and wellness thought leaders throughout our community.

Reacquaint yourself with DS-01:

+ A prebiotic / probiotic formulated with 24 scientifically and clinically studied bacterial strains
+ Supports digestive health, gut-immune function, skin health, heart health and micronutrient synthesis
+ Engineered with Seed’s proprietary delivery technology: a 2-in-1capsule system that ensures survivability to the colon (based on a simulated model of the human gut).

If you use Seed’s DS-01 daily now or have been thinking about starting the habit (again, our in-depth review), you may be fascinated to learn what the brand is doing in ecosystems beyond the human body.

seed subscription eco packaging SeedLabs is the research arm of Seed developing new ways to use bacteria to recover ecosystems and address some of the world’s most pressing ecological needs. So far, their cutting-edge research includes the development of a probiotic for honey bees and studies of the coral reef microbiome that may eventually help put an end to coral bleaching.

5 Promising SeedLab Studies For A Planet In Crisis

Seed and their global research partners understand that human health is intertwined with the health of the planet. If you take DS-01 or have been thinking about it (shop with us for 15% off), prepare to have your mind blown by what this brand has been up to behind the scenes…

01 | PROBIOTICS FOR HONEY BEES You’ve probably heard that the honey bee population is on the decline, thanks to pesticide use, climate change, disease, and habitat loss.

honey bee mystery

Seed’s team developed the BioPatty — a probiotic blend of Lactobacillus strains designed to help improve the honey bee’s immune response and chances of survival.

Research is still under way, but so far, results show that hives receiving the BioPatty had better defenses and immunity against bad pathogens and bacteria in the environment. Seed also hopes that use of the BioPatty could lead to the use of less pesticides to grow our food!

solution for ocean plastics

02 | OCEAN-CLEANING BIO-PLASTICS As we look for ways to break our dependence on plastic (which uses petroleum, and can take several hundred years to degrade), the race is on to discover safer materials we can all rely on. 

Seed has joined that race in two ways:

+ Developing bioplastics made of – you guessed it! – bacteria to create a biodegradable material that will naturally degrade in soil.

+ Researching a plastic-eating bacteria that can break down and degrade polyethylene (aka plastic) to potentially erode waste in streets, fields, and even oceans!

farming innovation

03 | BETTER SOIL FOR BETTER FOOD Select strains of bacteria may have the potential to help restore degraded soil health. Soil-based bacteria could increase growth rates, crop production, increase nutrient density and agricultural resilience to stress — all for less than the cost of commercial fertilizer.

Seed is developing soil-based bacterial strains designed to colonize the roots of agricultural plants.

04 | A BETTER BIOME FOR CORAL REEFS Coral reefs are one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on Earth, sustaining 25% of marine life. 

Because of changing environmental conditions like rising water temperatures, pollution, and ocean acidification, coral reefs are becoming bleached and  infected with disease, making it an inhospitable environment for all of the biomes and organisms it supports. 

Seed is working to learn how bacteria might be able to prevent bleached coral and make reefs more resilient.

 Taking the Science Home: The DS-01 Daily Synbiotic

If you’re anything like us, these remarkable studies make you hopeful about the resilient health of our planet. Seed’s cutting edge work also has us doubling down on our own ‘microbiome’ health

With so much innovative vision, Seed is a top health brand to watch. If you’re interested in the future of health, wellness and the planet, stay informed on what this brand is up to. 

As you may expect from such a forward-thinking company, Seed’s design ethos is also something to appreciate. Their packaging is both incredibly beautiful and remarkably sustainable – think refillable containers and algae-based shipping materials. 

We’ve partnered with Seed to get you started on your journey toward microbiome health with a 15% credit towards your first month of DS-01, just use code CHALK15 when you shop. And pop to our review of the probiotic + prebiotic if you’d like to learn more first.

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