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It wasn’t long ago that L.A.’s hills were full of flames and its skies with smoke. So it’s with great delight, as we await spring’s official arrival next week, that we watch the hills fill with flowers and the skies with pink lady butterflies.

Thousands of butterflies flitting their way along the annual butterfly migration have added a touch of surrealism to our coffee runs and commutes, but the most exciting sign of the looming change in season is the beginning of California’s super bloom.

After a record-breaking season of rain, most of California is experiencing a dramatic explosion in wildflowers. As half the population flocks to see the magic, the other half winces over a fe of the below super bloom faux pas. Here’s what you should know…

Visit the Super Bloom… | Palm Springs blogger Kelly Go Lightly created this guide to a few of the best spots to see the super bloom across the state, including our favorites, Lake Elsinore and Walker Canyon. Get the guide

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but show some respect | While, normally we’re all in on the phrase, “do it for the gram”, in this case, give it a second thought. The crowds at some super bloom sites are bigger than ever — there are even shuttle programs. Reports of crowds trampling their way through fields of poppies has raised a few concerns about ‘super bloom etiquette’. Whether you’re with a crowd or all alone with your Instagram boyfriend, think twice before staging that photo and be sure you’re showing Mother Nature a little respect. Most importantly, stick to provided pathways.

nerd out with a field guide | Go all in on your super bloom visit and tote along this Wildflower Field Guide. Learn to identify your favorite plants and pick up geeky facts to delight your friends over drinks later at Mama Shelter.

get involved… | Follow the Theodore Payne Foundation and support their wildflower program! You can also take workshops, learn about native plants and find out how to grow your own native wildflowers at home. Check out

Or just observe from bed | If you know you won’t make it to the hills, but want to see what all the fuss is about, follow the #superbloom hashtag for the week on Instagram. We can’t say you won’t regret it, since you’re sure to be flooded with staged influencer shots, but those few killer super bloom shots will be well worth it.

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