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BEING HUMAN IS HARD and life these days presents unique challenges for many of us. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that caring for our own mental health is a non-negotiable.
As we kick off a new year, our wellness routines are centered on a down-to-earth meditation app that is helping us develop a daily practice we actually enjoy.

Regular meditation is like a workout for our minds; it strengthens our ability to remain calm under pressure, diffuse anxiety, and even helps us to sleep better at night. With a series of enjoyable programs and smart features to use throughout the day, the Breethe app is helping us to better deal with all the feels.

Looking to uplevel your 2021 wellness routine? Here’s everything you need to know about the light-hearted, life-changing app helping us build a powerful daily practice that could last for life…

The Most Important Wellness Trend of 2021:
Learning to Meditate with the
Breethe App

Our top pick for smart habits to start in January 2021 is meditation. Don’t overthink this one: learning to stop, sit and breathe is a non-negotiable for top performers from all walks of life.

The truth is that meditation is so easy that it’s hard for most of us. It’s a discipline just like working out and, just as many of us need trainers and teachers to keep us engaged in fitness, most of us need guidance for a consistent daily meditation practice too.

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6 Reasons Why We Love The App.

The Breethe App has been downloaded more than 10 million times. It is one of the most popular meditation apps available with good reason – Breethe’s practical, diverse and light-hearted in-app offerings are updated daily and include:

+ Guided audio meditations that are insanely relatable like My Boss is a Jerk, My Family Drives Me Nuts, and Dealing with Financial Anxiety. They also organized the app to easily fit into your busy day (and life!) with intuitive and helpful sections, including Start Your Day, Focus at Work, and Take a Break — total sanity-savers. 

+ Music for every mood. This feature is one of our favorites as it helps us stay in the zone after our meditation is complete. If we’ve got to hop right into work or family issues right after a calm few minutes of audio meditation, playing one of their custom music selections can help us maintain focus and retain the great feelings we just worked so hard to attain!

+ Day & Night The team behind Breethe is obsessed with making meditation a practical, functional part of your day. One of our favorite aspects of the Breethe app is the division of guided meditation offerings into Day and Night. One, it helps us quickly find our way to a meditation that suits our mood and circumstances, whether we’re feeling anxious, stressed or sleepless. Two, the time of day prompts help to remind us to engage our meditation practice throughout the day when we need it most — whether that’s an afternoon slump or a bout of late night worries.

+ Personalized Sleep Support + Bedtime Stories If nothing else will convince you to try regular meditation, improving your sleep will. Those who suffer from occasional insomnia often experience a ton of relief through Breethe’s sleep-oriented meditations and calming bedtime stories. Managing our mental and emotional health during the day can also have a profound positive effect on how we sleep at night!

Another really unique feature that we love are their hypnotherapy sessions they actually help you fall asleep while you’re learning to overcome stress, deal with anxiety, and manifest your dreams.

+ The 7-Day ‘Learn to Meditate’ program, Breethe’s most popular feature, introduces you to daily meditations that are easy, down-to-earth and will fit with your existing schedule.

After one week, most new meditators will find themselves hooked on the calm and grounded sense of well-being they’ve experienced. Breethe’s one-week program is the perfect way to try it out and see how it makes you feel. 

+ Master classes and programs Breethe co-founder Lynne Goldberg has been teaching mindfulness and meditation for over 20 years and has been named one of the top meditation teachers in the country by Forbes magazine. Lynne and guest meditation pros are available for advanced, thematic classes throughout the app once you get acclimated to your new daily practice. 

How To Start Meditating with the Breethe App

Breethe is a monthly subscription app on your phone. Download from the App Store or Google Play and take it anywhere and everywhere. To kick off the new year, the team at Breethe is offering Chalkboard readers 30% off new membership subscriptions!

Breethe offers a free version (with more than 100 pieces of free content!), as well as 3-month, one-year and lifetime subscription options. Monthly membership is $12.99 a month, a one-year membership is $89.99 ($7.49 per month) and their lifetime membership is $399.99.

The new year looks different this January. If you find yourself overwhelmed or anxious, we’re right there with you. Our top recommendation for all our readers, no matter your circumstances in 2021, is to find a meditation practice for greater personal strength, resiliency, and better overall health. Take advantage of the Breethe team’s brilliant offer below and come back to us to let us know how it’s going after your first 7 or 30 days!

Having trouble? Email support@breethe.com and let them know you’re claiming The Chalkboard Magazine 30% off exclusive offer! 

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