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january cleansing JUJU is in full effect. We’ve made our elimination lists and added-to-cart resolution wellness must-haves. Now, we’re kicking our systems into high gear. How? By gifting ourselves the gift that keeps on giving–the infamous January cleanse. Here’s why breaking a fast 

Is there really any other way to get the year started than with a fast of some sort? Our overtaxed December bods are craving a bit of quiet simplicity and a cleanse or period of intermittent fasting is just what’s called for.

Whether you’re straight up fasting or just juicing til dinner, choosing the meal to break your fast with is crucial.

Easing back into eating, even if only after a sixteen-hour intermittent fast, is vital for so many reasons. It’s important not to overwhelm or irritate digestion which is finally getting some well deserved R&R. Aim to reintroduce foods that won’t tax the system, while still getting plenty of nutrients and hydration. The goal is to feel replenished after a post-cleanse meal, not weighed down.

We’ve gathered the below recipes from the archives for their balance and seasonal simplicity. Think high-vibe veggies in nutrient-rich bowls or grains and greens that our newly balanced bodies will absorb with ease. The curb appeal of these creations is undeniable. Bodacious bold colors paired with crisp and chewy textures layered to perfection will make the transition to food worth waiting for.

VITALITY VEGGIE BOWLS WITH CURRIED CAULIFLOWER, AVOCADO + TAHINIVITALITY VEGGIE BOWLS WITH CURRIED CAULIFLOWER, AVOCADO + TAHINI | This glorious veggie bowl from Food Matters has all your breaking a fast bases covered. Jam-packed with nourishing nutrients and perfectly balanced warm and raw, this easy to assemble bowl will soon become your daily break-fast staple. READ MORE


toasted quinoa bowls with roasted almond vinaigrette | For the plant-based lovers in the house, these quinoa bowls made with veggies, vinaigrette and quick-pickled onions from California Living + Eating make the simple simply sensational. Fermented foods are a fantastic addition when breaking fast. (Shout out to pickled onions!) Feel free to add a dollop of unsweetened coconut yogurt to any of the recipes for extra brownie points. Minus the actual brownies. READ MORE


Ginger peanut salmon noodle bowls | We’ve followed the poached halibut recipe from photographer and food blogger Maya Wilson before and we’ll do it again. This time, we’re loving on her salmon noodle bowl because of its sexy simplicity. There’s plenty of wiggle room to find the perfect meat, fish or plant protein, and the vegetables can be tweaked as well. This fully customizable bowl will be a favorite long after breaking your fast and a perfect tweener until your next one. READ MORE


farmers market veggie bowl + green goddess dressing | Break the fast with all the farmers market comfort foods. From Bowls of Plenty by James Beard Award-winning food writer Carolynn Carreño, this vegetarian (and vegan-friendly adaptable) meal-in-one mega bowl is a beaut. Get creative with interchangeable winter vegetables—nothing feels quite as heart-warming and nourishing as vegetables roasted to caramelized perfection. Keep this one in your back-to-food back pocket for winter nights. READ MORE


Green goddess black rice bowls with chimichurri pesto | Not your ordinary rice bowl. Nutty and chewy black rice is the star attraction with its not too shabby co-star, tangy greens-packed pesto. From food writer and healthy recipe developer Molly Krebs, this bowl from Eat More Plants is perfectly balanced with the first meal-of-the-day basics, especially if it’s not until 6pm. READ MORE

Mushroom risotto

VEGAN MUSHROOM RISOTTO | Vegan. Mushrooms. Risotto. Instapot. Soy-nut-gluten free. You’re welcome. READ MORE

vegetable vegan curry recipe

VEGAN VEGGIE CURRY BOWL | Insta-satiation in a bowl. Sipping on this superfood vegan curry soup (think: turmeric, ginger, lemongrass) from The Essential Vegan Keto Cookbook is quite literally a perfect-post-fast meal but also keto-friendly. A touch of vegan protein powder adds just the right amount of protein, and paired with veggies and healthy fat-friendly coconut milk, this bowl will fire your bod back into digestion mode on all cylinders. READ MORE

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