Eating veggies first thing in the morning isn’t natural for some of us, we get it — but hear us out…

Getting a warm dose of fiber, vitamins, minerals and spices at the start of your day can set you up to feel supremely nourished all day long. And it may just scratch that pumpkin spice itch.

Trust us and give this warm, nourishing meal a try as the weather cools. This veggie-based breakfast comes from The Self-Healing Revolution and is all about the three-ingredient topping all of our fall breakfast dreams are made of: ghee, almond butter and a solid sprinkle of cinnamon.

Sweet potatoes nourish the liver, especially when eaten for breakfast (or before 10am, the prime time for nourishing the liver).

Breakfast Sweet Potatoes with Ghee + Almond Butter

breakfast sweet potatoes topped with almond butter

If you want to get ahead, cook the night before or increase the quantities so to make enough for the week ahead. A baked sweet potato will keep for up to 5 days in an airtight container in the refrigerator. To reheat, bake in oven (preheated to 350°F) for 10 minutes or cook in the microwave for 2 minutes.


1 sweet potato
1 Tbsp sprouted almond butter (raw or whatever you’ve got will also work!)
1⁄2 tsp ghee
1⁄2 tsp ground cinnamon


Preheat the oven to 450°F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Wash and clean sweet potato. Use a fork to poke several holes in the potato. Place potato on the prepared baking sheet and bake in oven for 40 to 45 minutes, until tender. To serve, transfer potato to plate, cut in half and top with almond butter, ghee and cinnamon.

From The Self-Healing Revolution: Modern-Day Ayurveda with Recipes and Tools for Intuitive Living by Noelle Renée Kovary, CICO Books. Photo credit: Stephen Conroy

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