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If an apple a day keeps illness away, what does a pound of veggies do?

We’re raking in holistic wellness advice from Dr. Sara Gottfried, the MD and best-selling author known for her accessible approach to holistic hormone management. Her latest book, Brain Body Diet, brings the importance of whole food nutrition into focus.

When it comes to constructing a sustainable dietary protocol for optimal health, Dr. Sara is a proponent of natural supplements — but also want to know what your diet is like…

“First of all, aim to eat at least a pound of vegetables per day, and twenty to thirty different plant species each week to promote diversity in the microbiome. Get anti-inflammatory protein, healthy fats and slow carbs. Use your fork to fuel your body with the proper nutrients and use supplements only to fill in the gaps.”

Twenty different veggies a week? It’s a tall order, but one we’re challenging ourselves to keep in mind. When you count the veggies blended into a green juice, the chopped herbs and veg in any given salad and the even the variety of veggies in a good red sauce, you may be consuming a larger variety than you think. The tip we’re taking away from Dr. Sara’s note is to mix it up. Swap your romaine for arugula now and then, learn the cook with the produce you wouldn’t normally pick up from the farmers market, and so on.

While a ton of veggies are half the battle in a vibrantly well lifestyle, supplements are key too. Here are the fats and vitamins Dr. Sara receommends as well…

Vitamin D3 | Use vitamin D3 together with vitamin K2. Vitamin D has 400 jobs in the body, but get the right dose to make your blood levels highly sufficient. Check Out

B Vitamins | For most people I suggest a high-potency multivitamin that covers the B vitamins, especially if you are coping with stress. Check Out

Vitamin C | For those with cortisol issues, I recommend vitamin C. High levels of vitamin C were shown to lower post-race blood cortisol levels in ultra-marathon runners. Check Out

Omega-3s | I recommend omega-3s at two to four grams per day to reduce inflammation, buffer cortisol and increase lean body mass. I’m increasingly interested in the data on specialized pro-resolving mediators to help resolve inflammation. Check Out

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  1. Please remember to make these vegetables organic or at least as pesticide- free as possible!
    Instead of pesticides and cancer – think outside the box and make space in your yard or balcony to raise some vitamin and mineral rich herbs, greens and vegetables. It’s free too .

    Mary Ann Parr | 02.28.2020 | Reply

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