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Just before the pandemic, the low to no-alcohol cocktail trend spiked, and then quickly fell as everyone entered the pandemic. Even with that unprecedented challenge, we’ve seen the no to low-ABV space surge forward like no other this year.

One newbie to the space is BODY, a female founded and formulated vodka brand with 25% less alcohol than the standard 80 proof vodkas you’ll find in most bars and restaurants. That means you can enjoy one vodka soda with less worry, or maybe even order a second dirty martini at a celebratory dinner this season, knowing there’s a quarter less alcohol in it. body vodka founder jilly hendrix

We spoke with BODY’s CEO, Jilly Hendrix about vodka and other joys of going out and staying in. While alcohol brands have traditionally been a male dominated industry, BODY’s full C-suite is female and they’re excited to celebrate that too…

Staying Home vs. Going Out
with Jilly Hendrix

Name: Jilly Hendrix of BODY

staying in or going out? Going out to dinner with friends.

Motivation for staying in: Baths and my dog!

Motivation for going out: Friends, trying new restaurants, and meeting new people.

Wellness lately looks like… Baths, infrared saunas, and kindness.

Uniform for staying in: Skims

Uniform for going out: Christopher John Rogers, Khaite, Loewe, The Row

Wellness at home means: Sleeping

Wellness while out looks like: Listening to my body and putting myself first.

Tell us about BODY: BODY is a lower-ABV vodka (60 versus 80 proof). It’s distilled 10 times over, with just a touch of organic agave nectar. I created BODY for consumers like me, who might want to enjoy their favorite spirit or cocktails without it hitting too quickly. My mission for BODY is to redefine the drinking experience by creating a pure, high quality vodka that has 25% less alcohol than the standard offerings.body low proof alcohol

How do you like to drink it: Slightly dirty martini with three olives.

What you drink when BODY isn’t available: Sparkling water.

How has the new business changed your lifestyle? Starting and running a new business in an up-and-coming spirits category has definitely pushed my limits as a human, but I make sure to continue prioritizing my health throughout this journey through exercise and resting to not burn out in the process.

Where does the ‘Gen Z vs Millennial’ narrative fit with all this? I think both audiences are interested in trying new things when it comes to alcohol, including drinking less. We’re excited to make lower proof liquor more mainstream and available across bars and restaurants, where you typically don’t have that option.

People are interested in options when it comes to drinking. Not just the standard beer, wine and 80 proof alcohol. BODY is providing a new option for consumers to have the cocktails they love but at a lower proof.

Personal mantra: PIVOT! You’re always going to fail, it’s how you pivot to success.

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