We are fascinated when holistic practitioners of all kinds are able to accurately connect the dots between what’s happening in our bodies and what’s happening in our minds and emotions. Especially when it comes to revealing the root emotional issues connected with physical suffering. Vicky Vlachonis is one of those practitioners, an osteopath we met earlier this spring over a lunch in which she touched on everything from salt and pepper baths to the Five Tibetan Rites.

Osteopathy is a type of holistic medicine that deals specifically with the bones, muscles and ligaments to bring the body – as well as the mind and emotions – into balance, harmony and alignment. The title of Vicky’s new book says it all, The Body Doesn’t Lie.

Most holistic or alternative medical practices don’t aim to simply alleviate pain, but to bring clients into radiant health. That principle of radiant health is a major part of Vicky’s practice as well. We’ll be sharing insights from Vicky on an on-going basis here on The Chalkboard, but, to start, get to know Vicky with her list of daily staples, rituals and mantras below. Then dive deeper and give her new book a thorough read – it won’t disappoint.

Daily breakfast:

Organic oatmeal porridge with almond milk, coconut oil, cinnamon and manuka honey.

My food philosophy in one sentence:

Food is medicine, but it should taste yummy too!

Daily supplements:

Renew Life probiotic, vitamin D, calcium and omega-3 fish oil.

Can’t live without my:

Once a week for my health I:

I have a relaxing massage.

Fave workout:

5 Tibetan Rites – I do them every morning. Love an early morning hike with my husband.

Best healthy food option on the go:

Slices of green apple with almond butter.

3 staples always in our pantry:

Brown rice, garbanzo beans and quinoa pasta.

At least once a week I cook…

Roasted sweet-potato soup.

If I could give just one piece of health advice it would be...

Sugar = pain.

Reading list:

Clean by Alejandro Junger, The Body Book by Cameran Diaz and The China Study by Colin Campbell.

Crazy health idea that actually works:

Salt and pepper bath.

5 things always in my medicine cabinet:

Arnica, grapefruit-seed extract, colloidal silver, oregano oil, valeriana.


No sugar, no wheat, no cow’s milk.

Simplest way to improve health:

Being mindful and a positive attitude.

Fave healthy getaway:

Greek Islands.

My current mantra:

I believe in myself, I trust my body, I move forward.

Go-to juice or smoothie:

Almond milk with whole lemon, pineapple and ginger

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