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Blushing Bride: 7 Natural Beauty Picks For That Wedding Day Glow
Kiss The Bride: BITE Beauty Agave Lip Mask

We're dying for this rich and gooey lip conditioner, so thick they named it a "lip mask". Gooey is a good thing when you're talking all-natural ingredients: BITE's formula is deeply nourished without the tacky feel of many chemical-based balms. Keep this sleek looking grey tube with you at all times and think of it as an investment in that first married kiss.



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The glow of true love is enough, but the glow of true love and amazing skin? Now that’s what we’re talking about. Here are 7 all-natural products we love to help you and your skin stay calm, clear and radiant in the lead up to the big day! Read our list and find a product to try for a little nuptial season buff-up and wedding day glow…


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