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Blushing Bride: 7 Natural Beauty Picks For That Wedding Day Glow
Feeling Emotions: Lotus Wei Infinite Love Mist

Deep breathing and a calm demeanor can actually help you look better. But with seating charts and dress fitting in the mix, staying stress-free is easier said than done. We love Lotus Wei's 'Infinite Love' aromatherapy mist, intended to stir your affectionate emotions and wipe your irritated attitude off the map. The rose, mandarin, and beeswax absolute will support your commitment to stay happy and cool right on through your ceremony. 



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The glow of true love is enough, but the glow of true love and amazing skin? Now that’s what we’re talking about. Here are 7 all-natural products we love to help you and your skin stay calm, clear and radiant in the lead up to the big day! Read our list and find a product to try for a little nuptial season buff-up and wedding day glow…


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