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Ever Since blake lively turned up preggo on a recent red carpet, all eyes have been back on the talented soon-to-be mother of three. This story from Blake Lively’s trainer originally ran in 2016 but we loved it so much we decided to bring it back.

Too often, the health and fitness details disclosed by a celebrity and their team are less than insightful, and stir more feelings of skepticism and hopelessness than inspiration. Such is not the case with Blake and her go-to trainer, Don Saladino.

Don is the kind of trainer we can get behind 100% and gives us hope that this level of physical excellence can be achieved realistically and healthfully! “Realistically?” you ask, appalled. Full disclosure, even Blake has admitted in interviews that her svelte figure for roles often only lasts weeks, after which she comes down to a more live-able level. But we digress; bodies like Blake’s are still pretty aspirational when they’re achieved in true health and balance – although wellness goals are never one size fits all.

Make no mistake, Blake works like a beast to get into shape for biggest roles, but we found ourselves impressed and inspired by her trainer, Don Saladino’s insights on what it truly took to get her in shape for a recent role. Here’s what Don shared with us about his process with Blake and the lessons we’re taking away to live well every day…

Don’t Drop the Metabolism. One of Saladino’s big fitness themes is fire. He encourages his clients to think about their metabolism like a fire, and to “get it burning and keep it burning hot all day.” Stoking the metabolism all day long is what Don credits his success working with with both Blake and her husband Ryan Reynolds for the recent Deadpool. “By two in the afternoon, I would expect Blake to have eaten two to three meals with her baby in tow,” said Don. Deprivation is not part of Don’s formula, and he insists that not eating through the day is one of the easiest ways to sabotage your wellness goals.

Take a Holistic Approach.  How is that done? Clearly, fitness is key, but hydration, rest, recovery, and plenty of nutrient-dense food are also vital parts of the equation.”If any of these components are lacking, you’ll be neglecting powerful tools that’ll keep your metabolism burning strong,” said Don. “Fitness alone is not enough – you’ve got to stoke the flame of your metabolism by tending to all of these elements equally.”

High Quality Cheats. Saladino advises his clients to follow the 80/20 rule. Sort of. The 80/20 rule means that, while training for The Shallows, Blake was required to eat from Don’s recommended diet (see below) 80% of the week and allowed to cheat the other 20%. With one caveat: Don insists that cheats be of “high quality”. Need a burrito? Skip the drive thru and grab it from a taco shop that’s using organic chicken. Chocolate on the brain? Great, just make it a dark bar without weird additives. Don insists this will keep your system strong, clean and capable without the inflammatory, digestion-weakening responses the body can experience otherwise.

Digestion Matters. While training with Don, Blake’s digestion was a top priority. We love this because when talking about fitness with pros across the country, we find this rarely comes up. When it comes to a svelte, well conditioned physique, balanced digestion is more important than some of us may realize. How we process what we’re eating effects our energy, mood, sleep and, of course, weight.

Hard No’s: No White Foods.During intense training periods, Don’s clients are allows no “white foods”. That includes white sugar, table salt, white flours like wheat, and, depending on the client, no dairy. We don’t think that’ll surprise any of our readers. The goal of most of this elimination is to quell inflammation in the body.

This type of elimination diet is easy to try on your own. Instead of a traditional “weight loss diet” or detox, simply try cutting white sugar and white flour from your diet for a meaningful period of time and see how your body responds.

Sleep It Off. For a few decades there, it seemed as though sleep had gone completely out of style. As though it was ever optional, we’re happy to see the wellness world leading the charge on the message that sleep matters. Getting plenty of rest and a full night’s sleep is essential to achieving any weight or wellness goal. Saladino says that a good night’s sleep is the best fat burner of them all. The opposite is true of poor sleep habits.

Be Realistic. Be Good To You. When prepping to appear in a bikini on screens all over the world, there will be days that require the best workout of your life. However, not every day is that day. As a trainer, Don encourages Blake and other clients to accept that and be ready to adjust to the day’s needs. No time for a perfect workout? Make the twenty minutes you do have count and be proud of the effort you put in one day at a time.

TCM Reader Weigh-In: What do you think? Do you find celebrity fitness inspiring or frustrating? Do you like Saladino’s perspective on fitness as much as we do?

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  1. Don’s recommended 80/20 diet was not posted. Can you post it please?

    • Caroline, check out this note from the piece: “During intense training periods, Don’s clients are allows no “white foods”. That includes white sugar, table salt, white flours like wheat, and, depending on the client, no dairy.” The essence of the 80/20 diet is to eliminate these foods 80% of the time. Does that help?

      The Chalkboard | 07.25.2016 | Reply
  2. Why do you have a section entitled, Man Repeller?

    James | 07.22.2016 | Reply
    • Hi James, it’s not a section, it’s a link to our content sharing program with the blog, Man Repeller. Check it out!

      The Chalkboard | 07.25.2016 | Reply
    • James sounds like he got triggered. Boo hoo.

      Amanda | 01.13.2017 | Reply
  3. Same question/request as Caroline. Says….”Blake was required to eat from Don’s recommended diet (see below)”.
    But there is nothing below. Where is the diet?

    alice | 07.22.2016 | Reply
  4. I thoroughly agree with the 80/20 concept. We all need to feel we can take time off and indulge ourselves. The high quality idea is brilliant. The more we develop the habit and taste for high quality food, the less we will eat overall. It is about learning when your body doesn’t need or want the low quality food we are looking at or even eating, and just stopping. We won’t starve.

    Lynn Graham | 07.30.2016 | Reply
  5. Get thinner by sleeping. LOVE this advice!

    Sarah | 08.19.2016 | Reply
  6. James sounds like he got triggered. Boo hoo.

    Amanda | 01.13.2017 | Reply
  7. Not triggered. Sane people are tired of the indoctrination and overt propaganda. Seems as if you got “triggerd” by Jame’s simple inquiry and was compelled to respond like a typical ignorant smart ass.

    Elle | 06.06.2019 | Reply
  8. Thoughts on digestive enzymes, please? I have chronic inflammation, joint pain and extreme fatigue. I feel like it’s food related. Thanks!

    Kristina | 07.05.2019 | Reply

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