Black Banditz: Melrose’s Latest Lifestyle Shop and Organic Hair Care

Black Banditz, the part tattoo-part hair salon on Melrose, has a lot of look. With a bevy of cool dudes at the helm, it’s no surprise that the brand has grown to higher lifestyle heights, from sponsoring branded festival parties to the daily drop ins that flock to their storefront just to hang out. This spring, BB launched its own line of sweet-smelling organic hair care products. We sat down with founders Adam Moonves, Giovanny Artiga and Dan Regan to talk phosphates, 3-D spray and what it’s like being the new kid on the block.
TCM: What was the catalyst for launching your own product line?
BB: We’ve gotten to a point in our brand where we already cover all aspects of the brand itself. We just realized there was no need to carry any other products besides our own in the salon.

TCM: I know the line is really ingredient-driven. What are some of the active ingredients and what makes them so important to the products’ function?
BB: Our products are Sodium Chloride free. They don’t contain salts like other products that dry and strip the color. Second, they’re phosphate-free and are completely certified organic.

TCM: What are you trying to achieve with the products that is different from what’s already on the market?
BB: We’ll, this is our first launch and so far we just wanted to break into the competitive industry and let them know there’s a new kid on the block. We’ve discussed launching a new product to the line by the end of the year that will set us apart.

TCM: How does the product act as an extension of the brand that Black Banditz has already created? How does it augment the BB salon experience?
BB: It gives the client the comfort and insurance that if they get their service done by us and use are products it’ll be a lasting experience. From the second they leave our shop and every morning when they get ready, our products will remind them where they got their style and individuality.

TCM: What’s your favorite product in the line? What does it do and why is it so very awesome?
BB: The 3D Spray. It can be used in 3 different ways: as a texture spray, as a root lifter or as a matte finish spray. I think it’s dope because I use it on every single one of my clients – it adds texture to the hair and gives you that second day hair feeling.

TCM: Your line and entire lifestyle brand is very different from the rest of the organic beauty market. In fact, there isn’t a touch of bamboo or green accenting to be found in the salon. Obviously the industry is changing—what do you think a brand like Black Banditz can do to really help push the organic beauty industry? What are some of your advantages you might have?
BB: Our brand isn’t just a tattoo shop and salon—its more than that. We try to connect with our community and the industry on a personal level. Our supporters are already aware of the organic products we sell and new people are finding us as well. But, our salon products are just the start. We have plans in the future to launch a tattoo line as well.

To learn more about Black Banditz check out their site here.

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