Traditional therapy has it’s place, but did you know that meditation can also help to resolve long-held ideas and emotions that need to be dealt with? Meditation guru Biet Simkin is breaking down a few principles from inside her new book that explain how this works.

The greatest strength of meditation over therapy? According to Biet, it’s all in the immediacy of self-obversation…

 On Meditation As Therapy

Meditation reveals your blocks and shadows | The real difference between typical traditional medicine (ie. therapy) and guided meditation is that a true spiritual teacher is going to show you where your shadows are or, in other words, where you are lying to yourself. One of the laws in my new book is the Law of Self-Will, by studying this law and others you can get outside your myopic perspective of yourself and truly get a taste of what’s actually going on. What may not be pretty at first glance has the power to eventually become the most beautiful part of you.

Meditation optimizes your internal, not external, power | Meditation also gives you the strength to tap into innate power — after all, we have all of the tools, but it takes right teaching to implement them. Live above this limited version of yourself through the Law of Opening — a law that suggests remaining open may be painful at times but if we can push past the seeming discomfort we have an incredible well of joy to draw from and opportunities at our fingertips.

Meditation creates more white space | In the knowledge of the black letters on a white page we can easily get stuck in details and facts, and this can lead us to to be worshippers of reason. However, using the Law of Divided Attention we are able to observe ourselves from above and observe the white space of ourselves, the mystery, the glue that holds things together, the beauty. Beauty can seem frivolous, but when you use ‘divided attention’ it can help you to see your own beauty, to see that you are your own soul mate, and the one you have been looking for.

Meditation enables the ability to detach from pain | The Law of Duality has you believing that there are two things: pain and pleasure, right and wrong, good and bad. By mastering this law you can come to learn how, in some way, there is a sameness to pain and pleasure. In this way, rather than detaching you can allow yourself to love the whole of you. This deep state of acceptance can lead to a completely new relationship with and definition of pain.

Meditation helps you let go vs. move on | They say that obsession is just trying to make the lie true (on repeat). It can be maddening. Meditating gives you the power to put one foot in front of the other and get the hell out of there. The future is calling all of us. Exploration of all of this is scary and takes courage. Meditation gives us energy for courage and faith.

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