We’re the type of girls Whole Foods is marketing to. Dried seaweed mix? Yes! Superfood vegan granola bars? We’re in! But our health-curious ways can add up when it comes to our monthly grocery bills, and not every new food experiment turns out for the best. Since subscription shopping services are all the rage right now, from diapers to jewelry, we’re checking in on what it’s like to get the latest in trending health-food fixes in the mail too. Bestowed, a service that delivers the latest healthy goodies to your doorstep every month, has us rifling through our mail for the latest in flax sticks, raw cookies and rice chips. We asked Bestowed’s healthy snack-obsessed owner and certified nutritionist Heather Bauer to let us in on the healthy goodies she loves the most! Here’s Heather…

I have a strong personal commitment to nourishing my body with delicious and nutritious foods. I’m always on the hunt for products that make it easy for busy people to live a healthy lifestyle. Bestowed, my monthly subscription box company, is dedicated to aiding consumers in finding healthy products that they’ll love. I like to think of it as having a “nutritionist in a box” – you can learn about the hottest, healthiest new products, specifically hand-picked and recommended by my team and me. These seven food and lifestyle products are the ones that I always keep in my home, as well as the ones that I never fail to recommend when asked, “What’s in your grocery cart?”

Nutritionist Heather Bauer’s Top 7 Healthy Snacks

KIND bars:

KIND bars are a mainstay for me. I love almost every flavor they make and get so excited when I discover a new gluten or dairy-free option. Generally, I look for ones that are high in protein and fiber, but I always have a stash of these in my pantry so I can pick one up on my way out the door.

Matt's Munchies:

Matt’s Munchies premium fruit snacks are like the fruit roll ups you loved as a kid, only without all the gross chemicals and preservatives. They’re my fave because they’re organic, under 100 calories and made from 100% natural ingredients. What’s especially cool is how they come in small squares, so you can really take your time enjoying a snack that’s under 100 calories. I pack them in my kids’ lunch boxes, and they’re great for hiking or after the gym, too. 

Seasnax Roasted Seaweed Snacks:

When I go to the movies, the snack I bring is Seasnax roasted seaweed. They satisfy that salty-crunchy craving, but in a much more healthful way – only 16 calories per pack! You can even crumble and sprinkle onto soups or salads to add additional flavor. These are a staple in my household and my whole family starts to whine if we run out of the delicious toasty onion flavor! 

Sweet Riot Cacao Nibs:

For my nightly sweet fix, there’s nothing better than Sweet Riot Cacao Nibs. They’re basically itty bitty pieces of dark chocolate and they’re seriously so good: The ultimate way to get in some of those heart-healthy flavonoids without going overboard. I also love supporting Sweet Riot because they’re truly a company with a conscience. They recycle, they give back to the communities where they source their cacao, and they’re also Fair-Trade certified!


Even olive haters end up loving these olives, which are super flavorful and come in cute, convenient, single-serving packages of just 50 calories. I eat them regularly as an afternoon snack and will often add them to a bland deli salad, as well. 

Nektar Naturals:

Granulated honey? Yes, it’s a thing. Nektar Naturals is my go-to sweetener, since it’s all natural, made from honey and completely portable. I love that I can stir honey into my tea or oatmeal without having to tote around a sticky bottle. 

Herban Essentials:

Ok, so this one isn’t a snack, but it’s still one of the coolest natural products around. Herban Essentials makes little portable towelettes that are infused with essential oils. I’m addicted to the lavender wipes and bring them everywhere with me from the gym, to yoga
class, to vacation. They’re perfect for freshening up after my morning train commute from my home in Connecticut to my office in New York City.

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