Need to break that rabid selfie habit? Here’s how: book a full-time photographer. Problem solved.

The cool kids at El Camino Travel have come up with a genius travel concept we can’t get over – private photographer included. What would you give to have perfectly lit photos of you and your friends or family from that last life-altering trek, surf, or island bonfire? They’re not moments that happen every day – and sure, it’s all about the experience – but photos that last a lifetime can be great, too. El Camino curates a full-service travel experience: they book you and a dozen ready-for-anything friends in an exotic location, designate you a photographer, and lead you through itineraries full of local foods and experiences – and a full dose of adventure. Each trip includes a charitable component we think is pretty remarkable as well. Get to know El Camino Travel’s Marianna Jamadi and Katalina Mayorga below…

The Chalkboard Mag: Tell us about the concept of El Camino in a nutshell, what is the experience?
El Camino Travel: El Camino is a travel company that curates off-beat experiences for groups of 10-12 people to unique locations. The trips all come with a creative photographer in tow, so that travelers can thoroughly enjoy the experiences. In addition, 10% of profits are donated to a local social entrepreneur who is trying to change the country.

TCM: Who is your client? Are there size limits or minimums for groups?
ECT: El Camino caters primarily to millennial travelers and those who yearn for authentic experiences abroad. El Camino is for those who are globally conscious and/or curious and appreciate a well crafted experience down to stylistic details. We cap our groups at 12 travelers to ensure an intimate group experience.

TCM: Photography is such a big part of the journey. Tell us one of your favorite experiences so far with this. 
ECT: Each morning, the travelers are emailed a link to around 25 dynamic images from the previous day which are available for immediate download and that they can share across their social media platforms. What usually happens is that everyone gathers for breakfast and checks the link, this experience allows everyone to relive the previous days adventures together and simultaneously be blown away by candid photos of themselves in exotic locations.

TCM: Where are you headed next? 
ECT: We are offering three more trips to Nicaragua March through May. And we are about to announce two trips to Cartagena, Colombia!

TCM: Dream destinations for 2015?
ECT: Cuba, Bali, Tulum

TCM: What are your three must-pack items?
ECT: A bold-colored passport case, Instax Camera, and Boat Magazine

TCM: Tell us about the charitable aspect of these trips. Such a genius idea!
ECT: 10% of the profits from each trip will go to a local social entrepreneur who is radically changing the face of their country. In addition to doing good, you will meet this inspiring individual. Each social entrepreneur will lead an intimate salon style dinner where they will delve deeply into their work and their country, providing a unique and personal perspective of your current surroundings.

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