sustainable brands

There is nothing more chic than giving a damn. (About the environment, our resources, our children, their future and the planet in general.) Over the years we’ve really nailed the non-toxic, safe and clean beauty thing, but what about sustainable packaging and processes? Oof, it’s a whole new challenge to take on and we’re grateful for some guidance.

In 2020, clean, curated beauty marketplace, The Detox Market is taking on sustainability on a whole other level. By challenging brands to meet new lower-waste standards and making changes across their own retail landscape (have you seen their NYC store?), the retailer is pulling ahead as a super-responsible option for shopping beauty and lifestyle.

In the coming year, the retailer is rolling out a full program of sustainability initiatives we’re truly inspired by — stay tuned. In the meantime, we asked the team at The Detox Market to let us in on which brands are nailing sustainability in a meaningful way and this is what they had to share…

5 Sustainable Beauty Brands To Know Now

sustainable brands

Meow Meow Tweet | This small-batch skincare company creates vegan products with pure, all-natural, organic ingredients and zero waste. We love the Grapefruit Baking Soda Free Deodorant Stick. It offers potent plant oils and mineral powders with a sweet citrusy scent in a convenient push-up paper tube— it’s as effective and it is biodegradable.

sustainable brands

Aether Beauty | Aether Beauty offers high-quality, vegan and sustainable makeup that harnesses the power of nature. The product line was created with expertise by beauty pro, Tiila Abbitt, who has over a decade of product development experience in the beauty biz. This Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette is beautiful and offers recyclable packaging.

sustainable brands

Detox Mode | Detox Mode is their in-house brand, created to offer safe, clean and effective replacements to the many dirty products. Our favorite? The Impossible Soap—it’s a universal soap with nourishing fruit oils that work in tandem to gently cleanse hands and body, leaving skin feeling silky, never stripped. Bonus: Refill the glass bottle at select stores.

sustainable brands

Stasher | It’s a reusable silicone sandwich bag, so you can say goodbye to single-use plastic bags, for good. These silicone bags come in a wide range of colors and sizes, and they can hold everything from food to floss. The clear sandwich and standup bags are perfect for your carry-on when traveling and checking-in with TSA.

sustainable brands

Davids Toothpaste | Made in California, Davids offers premium natural toothpaste in a recyclable metal tube. It’s good for the environment, and the best to safely and effectively fight to remove plaque, whiten teeth and freshen breath. It also comes with a key so you can squeeze every last drop out from the tube. Genius.

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