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William Morris famously said, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”  We wholeheartedly embrace this idea as we enter a new season and plan on filling our homes with fresh new plants this spring. A potted tree completes a space like no other, and did you know that plants in the bedroom may actually help you sleep?

The trouble is that houseplants aren’t so ‘useful’ if we struggle to keep them alive for more than a month. That in mind, we’ve curated this short list of gorgeous self-watering planters to help you keep everything alive with ease…

The 8 Most Beautiful Self-Watering Planters We Could Find


best self-watering plantersUrban Outfitters Izzie Self-Watering Planter | Textured glass and terra cotta? Sign us up. This modern-looking planter won’t interrupt your neutral palette at home and keeps greenery perfectly hydrated—the rounded ceramic vessel sits right in to this riveted glass watering basin.

Ballard Designs Canopy Self-Watering Planter | These stunning glass planters are inspired by the iconic biospheres of Cornwall, England’s famed Eden Project. Designed with a focus on sustainability, the shapely silhouettes are made from mouth-blown recycled glass and fitted with a removable, sustainably sourced cork stopper. Pack a bit of moss around the soil to emulate the look above.

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Easy Plant The Luscious Trinity set | Everything Easy Plant ships arrives in their signature self-watering planters. It doesn’t get easier! If you’re looking for more than one new house plant, we love Easy Plant’s pre-selected sets. The Lucious Trinity Set (above) is the easiest way to plant shop with minimum hassle. Their set options are as small as these trios (select your own plants and planter colors) and as large as the ‘Natural Sanctuary’ set with 22 houseplants from trees to tinies!

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Room Essentials™ Indoor/Outdoor Self-Watering Planter | Minimalist in every way, this planter comes in a range of easy neutrals and contains an easy-to-fill reservoir so that the plant can draw up water as needed.

Phoenix Vine Self-Watering Planter Pot | Terra cotta has been used as an irrigation tool since ancient times. It’s high water permeability makes it a classic material for planters, paired here with a glass reservoir for a look we love. The layered planter slowly releases water into the soil over time.

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Giraffe Creation Self-Watering Flower Pots | A great option for when you’re traveling, the saucer of this sage green planter is designed as a reservoir to store enough water to meet the amount your plants need for up to two weeks.

Tomorotec® Glass Self-Watering System Spikes | We love these iridescent hand-blown glass globes as an easy self-watering addition to any planter you already have at home. Each one administers a steady dose of water that is absorbed as the soil dries out. We’ve asked our green-thumbed friends about these, and they really do work!

chic watering canMetal Watering Can | Finally, if you’ve already got planters you love, at least make watering them more enjoyable! We love this small, classic watering in an elegant silhouette that makes watering plants easy and a little bit fun.

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