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A high-protein smoothie can take you miles, and it all starts with the right protein powder. We use a high-quality powder in everything from our daily smoothies, to coffee and even desserts.

Here are five of our favorite smoothie staples now. Each powder is made with clean ingredients, filled with “bonus nutrients” like greens or healthy fats – not fillers, and tastes AMAZING. We’re going to go ahead and let you know that if you haven’t tried this chocolate peanut butter green powder you haven’t really lived. Try them all and let us know which one you love in the comments

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Four Sigmatic Superfood Protein Powder | We’re already huge fans of Four Sigmatic for making superfood mushrooms an accessible, everyday affair. This one-stop shop protein powder contains five sources of plant-based protein and over seven mushrooms and adaptogens. Translation? One scoop is an affordable way to get a huge variety of potent ingredients into one smoothie! CHECK OUT HERE

Hawaiian Spirulina Vanilla Protein Shake Powder | Sea greens for protein? Yes! Spirulina is one of the most powerful sea greens out there and contains a ton of protein – defying all our traditional expectations on protein sourcing. This blue-green algae packs a punch of minerals and other key nutrients, leaving our smoothies a gorgeous blue green color we’re addicted to.  CHECK OUT HERE

Amazing Grass Chocolate Peanut Butter Superfood Protein Powder | This superfood powder is truly incredible. The chocolate peanut butter is the best tasting powder we’ve had in a long time – and, get this, it’s packed with greens! Include this powder in your smoothie rotation for the most indulgent tasting green smoothie ever. CHECK OUT HERE

Food Matters Vanilla Superfood Protein Powder | The protein, greens and chocolate powders from Food Matters have become instant classics in our “smoothie pantry”. This vanilla protein is clean, easy to blend and taste really natural – our favorite pick to blend into a healthy latte. CHECK OUT HERE

Philosophie Berry Bliss Protein Powder| Each of Philsophie Mama’s protein blends match up to her flavored coconut butters (our all time favorites!). These are a foodie’s health foods. We’re big fans of berry bliss (especually in this birthday cake smoothie), but try cacao magic and the green powder too. They’re all delicious, and filled with only essential, high-powered foods. CHECK OUT HERE

Nutiva Chocolate Hemp Protein Powder | Hemp seeds, milk and protein powder are a wellness phenomenon you’ve got to get in on. Hemp provides the body with a wide variety of easily absorbed nutrients, including healthful fats and protein. CHECK OUT HERE

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