2020's coolest wellness brands so far

What makes a good product? It’s original, efficient, created with integrity and by sustainable standards. What makes a product cool? It has all of the above plus an x factor.

We see a lot of product here at HQ. Some are good, some are cool — a few are neither — and a slim few are both. Behold, the coolest new wellness brands of 2020 so far (it’s only been a month, people!)

The 7 Coolest New Wellness Brands of 2020 So Far

2020's coolest wellness brands so far

MIGHTY GUM ‘immunity gum’ |
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This new gum brand offers functional chewing gum infused with adaptogens. We didn’t think a new use of these peak trending ingredients was possible, but Mighty has done it in a way that makes so much sense. Mighty Gum contains astragalus and reishi mushroom, our fave immunity balancing immuno-modulators; anti-viral and anti-inflammation elderberry; and ashwagandha, our daily staple to manage stress response and boost immunity. If you’re tapped out on taking potion, powders and other supplements, this is the perfect solution.
2020's coolest wellness brands so far

HILMA NATURAL REMEDIES ‘clinical herbals’ |
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According to Hilma, it’s time to bring natural remedies to your medicine cabinet. With the goal of replacing common medicine cabinet staples with cleaner natural remedies, Hilma is on a mission we love. With a focus on clean labels and scientific rigor, Hilma is creating a new product category altogether, the Clinical Herbal. Their first three products promise to become modern medicine cabinet staples: Immune Support, Upset Stomach Relief and Tension Relief. Toss them in your water and consider tossing a few outdated pill bottles in the trash.

2020's coolest wellness brands so far

LAKA lIVING ‘laka kake’ |
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Some people carry hot sauce in their bags, we carry Nootropic Furikake. Laka Living was born before 2020, but some of their new products – like this ‘Laka Kake’ are so good, we’re tossing them in here as well. Laka Living’s take on the classic sesame seed and seaweed Japanese condiment is our new way of life. Upgrade your rice, fish, sushi or snacks with a mega-dose sprinkle of iodine plus functional brain-boosting mushrooms (like cordyceps and lions mane). It’s crazy delicious and subtle enough to easily add to a meal a day for a major nutrition boost.
2020's coolest wellness brands so far

Mab and stoke ‘mab tabs’ |
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The new Mab & Stoke just launched a category-defining product that helps people feel their best and they’re called Mab Tabs. Mab Tabs are ‘herbal super tabs’ containing a custom blend of high-quality herbal extracts that dissolve into anything you want to drink. Anything — even a martini! Customization is where it’s at for the future of supplementation and Mab & Stoke are making it easy by removing every excuse you have not to take your vitamins.

2020's coolest wellness brands so far

radiate wellness ‘radiate calm’ |
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Topical supplements? We’re here for it. Radiate Wellness makes a few topicals we love — but do use caution and consider consulting with your doctor before use. Topicals hit the bloodstream fast, which is why we adore their lightweight Radiate Calm cream as calming aid. Just a small dollop of L-theanine and magnesium inside the wrists before bed will bring on a deep state of calm and relaxation. We’ve even experienced more vivid dreams. 
2020's coolest wellness brands so far

Winterstone + Doctor Rogers restore healing balm |
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It’s no surprise this new collab with celeb tattoo artist Winterstone and an internationally-renowned dermatologic surgeon is reeking of cool factor. Doctor Rogers Restore Healing Balm is intended for tattoo aftercare. The plant-based formula is so ultra-hydrating and soothing we’re tempted to dip ourselves in it head-to-toe.
2020's coolest wellness brands so far

herb & Olive cbd-Infused olive oil |
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Many of the top holistic doctors we interview drench their diets in olive oil and we’ve taken note. Now, Herb & Olive’s CBD-infused version takes our interest to the next level. Hemp and terpenes balance buttery and peppery tones of arbequina olive oil. The olives are single-sourced from an organic farm in Northern California and blended with full-spectrum hemp CBD from a regenerative farm in Northern Oregon. Drizzle a touch of this oil on a pre-dinner plate of goodies and cement your status at the hostess with the actual mostest.

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