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Asking a natural beauty lover to pick her favorite skincare product is like asking a mother to pick her favorite child. We love them all, but let’s be real; from time to time one wins an extra special place in our hearts.

Our wellness community is brimming with beautiful women with stunning skin. These girls get their glow from a holistic wellness lifestyle — and the use of a few power products and tools.

We asked a handful of our fave ladies to share the natural skincare product, service or lifestyle tip that’s really made a difference in their skin lately. Here’s what they shared…best skincare product suzanne hallSuzanne Hall | Editor In Chief of The Chalkboard Mag

Using a rose crystal gua sha to gently massage lymphatic points on the face and neck has been a gamechanger for my skin’s circulation. The tool is so simple that I was skeptical at first. I don’t like the idea of using more intense treatments like microcurrent daily (I use weekly instead), but simple outward motions with the crystal provide a daily depuff in the morning. Learn how to use it with one of our favorite facialists here.

best skincare product tylynnTyLynn Nguyen | Creative Director + Designer

One product that has really livened up my complexion is face oil. I wear as a barrier for makeup before applying concealer as well as before bed so my skin has a “drink of water” while I sleep. Moisture, moisture, moisture! One natural oil I really love is cocokind Organic Chia Facial Oil.

best skincare product tara sowlyTara Sowlaty | Founder of How You Glow

Bone broth! Nothing revolutionary, it’s really age-old science. I’ve consistently incorporated healing both broths filled with incredible adaptogens like reishi, chaga, and ashwagandha and more, and have seen such an improvement in the overall glow of my face and overall health. I drink it in the mornings instead of coffee, throughout the day as a snack, and in the evenings as a nightcap. It’s nourishing from the inside out and I really foresee myself keeping bone broth a staple in my diet for the rest of my days.best skincare product nitsa citrineNitsa Citrine | Creative Director of Sun Potion

MAKE’s Marble Eraser “Gua Sha” tool has been amazing for my skin. It offers a potent, minimal, meditative take on self-care and I am falling in love with the shifts it has made in my skin and overall energy (after just a few weeks of use!).

best skincare product sakara life founderDanielle DuBoise | Co-Founder of Sakara Life

Hydration is the key to youthful, glowing skin but most bottled and tap water has been stripped of naturally-occurring, hydrating minerals. To ensure proper hydration, I add 5 droppers full of Sakara’s Beauty Water Concentrate — which includes silica & 72 essential micronutrients  — to a large glass of filtered water as soon as I wake up and again before bed.

best skincare productilia founderSASHA PLAVSIC | Founder OF ILIA BEAUTY

The product that changed my skin is the NuFace Facial Toning Device. The FDA-cleared at-home microcurrent tool tones, lifts, smooths and reduces wrinkles. Microcurrent works!

best skincare product vees honey founderVanessa Fitzgerald | Founder of Vees Honey

As a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, I have been on the hunt for anti-aging services that are non-toxic and don’t involve injecting chemicals in my body. I came across PRP, otherwise known as platelet-rich-plasma. I’ve noticed that as I get older I lose volume in my face and my skin texture just isn’t the same. With just one PRP treatment at Facile Skin, my youthful glow was restored and my skin was completely resurfaced. To begin they drew blood from my arm and spun it in a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich-plasma. They then injected my PRP back into my face and then used the other half of the serum to microneedle into my skin surface. Since it’s my own plasma and nothing else, the treatment is completely non-toxic. It’s not the most comfortable experience and there is downtime, but it was worth every second.

best skincare product kosas founderSheena Yaitanes | Founder of Kosas

The product that really changed my skin is retinol. Lately I’m obsessed with Allies of Skin 1A Overnight Mask. The overnight treatment contains a blend of reparative actives like antioxidants, ginseng and a form of encapsulated Retinol, plus ultra-hydrating ingredients that work like magic.

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  1. it’s really frustrating to see (mostly) white, rich women share their vague advice on how they perfect their skin… don’t you think it’s the expensive facials and products (and not the bone broth)? it’s irritating to hold this as a standard for a “normal” woman when these women are quite privileged and do many things to their skin to make it look this perfect… do better for normal ladies please and tell the true story. perfect skin costs money!

    • Perfect skin probably does cost money, but good skin does not! We happen to know that bone broth tip is very real (and very accessible). Try our green tea icing article, our gua sha facial, our piece on vitamin c…there are so many affordable things we love for great skin. *Also the two women leading this story are both of color? We appreciate you engaging with us.

      The Chalkboard | 05.08.2019 | Reply
  2. I agree with the commenter above. We need and are asking for more diversity in class, economic status, bodies from THE CHALKBOARD MAG. Every one you write about is THIN, mainly white and WEALTHY. Please think about what you’re contributing to the wellness world when most of the reason these women are successful is because of the hard work of POC and Queer folks. It takes a village for all these women to live the lives they live.

    Chloe | 04.25.2019 | Reply
  3. Dearest Darling Normal Lady:

    I am a retired esthetician; I specialized in acne and went independent after working for a international cosmetics business (who routinely demanded I lie to customers. Couldn’t do it, or stand the pressure.)

    If your skin clears up when you get the flu and can’t eat, there is your clue that you have food related sensitivities. Yuk! No, it isn’t magical to go through elimination diets, but once you figure it out, it is tremendously empowering to know. Every body is different and you can aquire a new reaction any time in your life. How much does that suck, eh? Stress is often the factor in new sensitivity (that will be $160 please). Sometimes, you can then even have a little of the triggers occasionally without reacting, once you know. One peanut butter cup is heaven to me; more and it’s Zit City on my chin.

    If you are not eating a lot of actually fresh vital plant foods, your body will be, and will look sluggish. Vitamins are no substitute. Even a few days without, I can see a real difference. Hey I get lazy too.

    You already know about water…

    Sleep is when the body grows. If your sleep quality is poor, it will show. It’s cumulative and “make up sleep” does not repair the damage. 7-8 hrs has been confirmed by recent science. Sleep is free.

    Smoking is horrible for skin! It chokes the blood supply. I have seen phenomenal transformations in just the week after quitting. Buhbye blackheads too. SO much $ down the drain too.

    I use a gentle facial brush, >$5, for decades now with a drugstore cleanser/mask that is clay based and contains benzoil peroxide. (There are many peeling ingredients out there now-use one) That’s right: retired and still using an acne product. The BP unsticks old dead cells apart so that they can be removed. A build up of your natural cells will look dull on any body. I live in a city so I really want that crud off!

    Breath work is also free and can instantly deliver more circulation to your face any time, any where. You might get asked if you just had sex: the ultimate complexion reviver!

    Be loving, think kindly, seek beauty: all these unknit the brows. Wear your sunglasses to avoid scowling.

    I’m a portrait artist. When I want to get a good picture, I tell people to think of their pet. Their beauty expands! Try it with your friends. Before/after pictures.

    It’s insulting to just tell people to ‘be happy’. But there is a proven way to up that oxytocin in your system; say thank you (free). When you do something for someone else, you get the bump in oxytocin and self esteem! Don’t minimize this. There are so many insidious messages that make us feel inadequate, especially about beauty.
    But no one looks ugly when they are telling you how terrific they think you are, do they? Hmmm? Be that teller!
    Beauty is as beauty does.
    Or just hang out with old people. You’re more beautiful than you think to them.

    Don’t forget all these sites get paid when you buy a product. Nobody is going to become “an influencer” telling you about peaches and cream literally being a facial. Strawberries are also great toners.
    You’re welcome! Gosh- I feel delightful now. I think I’ll go treat my face to a great lunch and hug my pets too.

    Alisa Cox | 04.25.2019 | Reply
    • We love this!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, these are awesome tips! Give your pets a hug from us too xx

      The Chalkboard Mag | 04.26.2019 | Reply
  4. This

    kate Drury | 04.25.2019 | Reply
  5. That’s awesome. Thanks, Alisa. 🙂

    Normal Person | 04.25.2019 | Reply
  6. Hi I am always interested in natural products that are used for our bodies.
    I can see you are all pretty young women sharing the story about right products for our skin . I am a women in my 60 s and looking for how to remove moles, dark spots and so fort…. for me that would be very helpful. I have good genes, but that does not goes to far, as I am sure you know. My opinion is there is herb that used properly can remove some of these skin grout or imperfection……
    My best Regards, and keep on researching don’t ever stop.


    Ana Stellar | 04.25.2019 | Reply
  8. Thank you, Alisa Cox! Brilliant!

  9. I love these. It’s nice to know that we have other options besides fillers and Botox, for those of us who aren’t satisfied with aging gracefully.

    Sloan’s | 06.17.2019 | Reply

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