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We put our faces on the line. Over the last few months, we’ve taken our spa game to the next level to find out who is dishing out the best natural facials in LA.

We were happy to find quite a bit of diversity among these holistic facialists – from a face-stretching session with the master behind Lady Gaga’s gorgeous dermis to a three-hour custom holistic experience that included reiki and singing. Here’s who made our short list (this year!)…

nyc’s finest: Joanna Vargas

The Facial:  The Triple Crown Facial
The Details: Joanna Vargas, the queen of New York’s natural facial scene has quietly opened a studio here in LA just this year and girl who know go. The stylish space is tucked away just off 3rd Street and boasts boatloads of Vargas’ famous sheet masks and skincare inside the homey waiting area. The Triple Crown facial is a potent combination of oxygen, microcurrent, and diamond therapy.

The redness whisperer: Courtney Chiusano
The Facial:
Each appointment is customized for specific skin needs, but Courtney’s go-to specialty is a 50 minute treatment with Myolight therapy – a microcurrent & full spectrum LED hybrid.
The Details: 
Courtney, who comes from one of LA’s most popular spas, struck out on her own this year in a charming Melrose Ave studio. Courtney can tame skin redness like no one’s biz, can read your skin health and recommend major wellness lifestyle adjustments and is also a genius with acne issues.

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inside out: Amy Ray Aesthetics

The Facial:  The ARA Signature Facial
The Details: Amy Rae’s knowledge of our body’s internal health in relation to our external skin health is exactly why we can’t get enough of her signature ARA facial. Amy combines her holistic philosophy on nutrition with all natural organic products that leave your skin glowing for days. Not only does she do a killer job of getting all the environmental/hormonal gunk out of our skin, she’ll also give you a play by play of your body’s needs based on the health of your skin. Her ARA facial is a relaxing yet effective corrective treatment

walking photoshop: Allison Marks
The Facial: The ‘Natural Beauty’ Facial
The Details: You know you’re in for something good when your facialist’s complexion looks photoshopped, naturally, even up close — see the proof with Allison’s step-by-step facial acupressure guide here. For her ‘Natural Beauty’ facial, Alison uses an individually personalized combination of cleansing, exfoliating, medical-grade oxygen mask, LED light therapy, a cocktail of luxe serums and botanical concentrates — plus an inimitable intuition — to dramatically reboot, rebuild and nourish skin for an even tone, ethereal glow and deep healing of your most stubborn skin woes.

deep vibes in beverly hills: Skin Worship

The Facial: The Transformational Facial Ceremony
The Details: We knew that the ladies of Skin Worship meant business when it come to holistic skincare, but nothing could have prepared us for the almost three hours of high-tech, intuitive treatments we received during their Transformational Ceremony. According to Leslie of Skin Worship, this deep, intensive facial is designed for the woman who can only make it in for meaningful self-care once a quarter. During the treatment, skin care is customized and the Skin Worship team employs everything from reiki, reflexology, crystals, chanting and self-love mantras for the deepest experience you’ll ever have at a facial studio.

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Face day: Joomee Song
The Facial: Signature Kaika Facial
The Details: We saw Joomee while preparing for this piece, but couldn’t wait to share our experience in this recent piece on her most famous client. Joomee works with many performers and singers to therapeutically care for their overworked jaw muscles. Her incredible face and head massage is superpowered by the use of unique microcurrent through her hands directly to your body. A traditional, clean beauty facial is included, but the true magic here is the lifting, toning and rejuvenating effect of Joomee’s massage technique around jaw, eyes, cheekbones and head.

best microcurrent: Mila Morgan
The facial: Signature Nonsurgical Facelift
The Details: If you haven’t seen us under the microcurrent wands on Instagram Stories yet, check out our story on Mila’s wildly effective facial here. Most clients see Mila for packages of three to seven sessions with periodic upkeep throughout the year. The lifting and sculpting are incredible and the health effects are apparently quite notable as well.

beverly chills: RpK at dr Lancer dermatology
The Facial: Custom Facial with RPK
The Details: Her knowledge of holistic facial care, real talk in the treatment room and Sikh turban make RPK an unexpected and delightful surprise to find inside one of Beverly Hills’ most elite offices. RPK will treat your skin, talk you out of bad skin habits and turn you on to the best skin of your life if you’re open to a little good advice.

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