3 Reliable Digestion Supplements (That Aren’t Probiotics)

The secret struggle that too many of us don’t face in our quest for optimal wellness is bad digestion. It’s not exactly dinner table conversation and it’s rough to bring up at the doctor’s office. That being said, gut health is crucial for vital health and there’s much that can be done to bring balance. Holistic health coach,cookbook author and supplement queen, Summer Sanders, is sharing her three favorite digestion supplements below…

I take supplements to help with digestion at pretty much every meal. Cooked foods have fewer enzymes than raw, but even raw foods can use some assistance at times. Our bodies have enzymes stored up, but with our fast-paced and often polluted world, they get worn down and depleted. Taking a supplement ensures your lovely body can assimilate the nutrients from your food and use it for energy and radiant health!
Triphala – The 3 Fruits
Triphala is an ayurvedic formula for full-body health and longevity, but specifically addresses digestion and bowel movements.The name triphala means “three fruits,” and these fruits work together to lubricate, strengthen and detox the body and bowels. I take this every evening without fail. You can find it in powder or capsule form; I prefer the capsule because the taste can be very potent. CHECK OUT
HCL – Hydrochloric Acid
HCL helps break down fats and animal proteins. I suggest trying this one after meals heavy in fat, protein and starches. I use Premier Labs. CHECK OUT
Herbal Bitters 
Bitters used to be a vital part of our ancestors’ diets. Nowadays, bitters have mostly been removed from our foods, but our bodies really need them. Bitters work with the other flavor components (salt, sweet, fat and acid) and activate the digestive system. They also are great for the liver and spleen, helping them process fats and toxins. I love Urban Moonshine Bitters. CHECK OUT

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