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We’ve always loved them on our plates, but lately, mushrooms are showing up in more unusual places. We’ve been adding superfood mushrooms to our morning lattes for years now, thanks to their adaptogenic benefits for skin health and immunity. So, it didn’t surprise us when the ‘shrooms started hitting the beauty aisles.

Especially when it comes to super ‘shrooms chaga and reishi, antioxidant concentration is top notch and can reduce the effect of stress. Read all about chaga benefit here and reishi benefits here. 

Below we’re sharing the best mushroom skincare products out right now, from serums to moisturizers and masks. While mushrooms are the star here, each item is packed with potent natural ingredients that work in synergy with the mushroom extracts to create skincare with powerful results… 

mushroom skincare volition snow mushroom serumVolition Snow Mushroom Water Serum | Did you know snow mushrooms can hold about 500 times their weight in water? That ratio is similar to the molecule for hyaluronic acid — one of the best secrets to a hydrated and healthy complexion. This serum works like a natural version of hyaluronic acid to soothe skin and support its natural collagen production, pump it up with moisture and put those pores in their place. CHECK OUT
Youth To The People Adaptogen Deep moisture cream | We love basically everything from Youth to the People. It was no surprise that we instantly became obsessed with this lightweight and luscious daily moisturizer. Made with the mushrooms we take daily to ease our sense of stress, this moisturizer is loaded with the same benefits but for your skin. CHECK OUT
Tundra Chaga pressed Serum | Korean beauty knows how it’s done. We originally found this serum from Glow Recipe, an online curation of all the best clean, natural and non-toxic options of Korean skincare. Chaga is known to have a high level of antioxidant power. In this serum, its powers are concentrated for our skin to benefit. CHECK OUT
Moon Juice Beauty Shroom Plumping jelly Serum | Silver ear mushroom and Reishi work together in this serum to increase elasticity and plumpness while combatting inflammation. Hyaluronic acid makes this mushroom beauty product extra hydrating without being heavy.  CHECK OUT
Dr. Weil for origins mega-Mushroom skin relief | Made with a trio of mushrooms — chaga, resihi and cordyceps — this skincare collab between Origins and OG wellness master Dr. Weil uses the mushrooms to help combat stressed and irritated skin. CHECK OUT
REN ultra comforting rescue mask | The secret ingredient here is white mushroom extract, which is known to help soothe and de-puff irritated skin. CHECK OUT
The Plant Base Time Stop Collagen Ampoule | This clean and plant-based mushroom ampule comes from K-beauty skincare hub Soko Glam. Free of potential irritants like parabens, artificial fragrance, and mineral oil, this pH-balanced serum is formulated with 76.52% mushroom extract to stimulate collagen production and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  CHECK OUT
Osmia Organics Brighten Facial Serum |This skin brightening botanical treatment helps to increase cell turnover and improve the texture of the skin. Its natural formula is enhanced with papaya, pumpkin, and mushroom extracts to improve tone and luminosity. CHECK OUT
One Love Organics Vitamin D Moisture Mist | Part toner part moisturizer, this botanical facial mist is made with emollient oils and shiitake mushrooms, a natural source of vitamin D, to hydrate and help balance tone and texture. CHECK OUT
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